YTA710 Ultimate Temperature Transmitter

Over many years Yokogawa has designed and built leading technology temperature transmitters and measurement devices. Building on this experience, Yokogawa has created a new generation of temperature transmitters to provide accurate, reliable temperature measurement. The YTA610/YTA710 temperature transmitters bring unique value to temperature measurement while meeting a range of user needs.

YTA710 is our premium solution. It offers unsurpassed accuracy (Pt100: ±0.10°C / ±0.18°F) and the ultimate diagnostics for demanding applications.

The YTA710 is available with HART® 7 or FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus ITK 6.

YTA710 features include:

  • Dual-compartment field-mount housing
  • Local Parameter Setting (LPS) function (model with indicator)
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Detachable Lightning Protector

From ‘Sensing’ to ‘Sensemaking’

Combining reliable technology with superior field knowledge, Yokogawa has insights into the lifecycle of the device that provides added value to the user.

YTA Total Insight offers valuable information throughout the devices’ lifecycle.

Sensing Selection : - Engineering and Procurement -
Simple lineup and a wide range of international approvals help the customer select the right product.

Easy Installation : - Configuration and Commissioning -
Various ways of configuring devices contribute to reduced installation and configuration time.

Rich Information : - Operation and Observation -
Valuable diagnostic information leads to improved process efficiency.

Expert Solution:- Maintenance and Service -
Providing timely maintenance information contributes to reduced maintenance cost.

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Sensing Selection: Engineering and Procurement
Simple lineup and a wide range of international approvals help the customer select the right product.

The safety of personnel is equally as important as plant availability, throughput, and profitability. For these reasons Yokogawa believes safety should never be an option, it should be a standard feature in all modern process automation & control equipment. The YTA710 has been designed and built by this philosophy.


YTA Dual Compartment

Rugged Construction

Today’s temperature applications can be located in very harsh environments; Yokogawa’s temperature transmitters are engineered to endure the severe conditions with a dual compartment housing design made from either low copper aluminum or stainless steel. The dual compartment design isolates the field wiring terminals from the electronics.


Exida® IEC 61508 Certification

The Yokogawa YTA710 series temperature transmitters are designed and certified to IEC61508:2010 Parts 1 through 7 and IEC61511:2004 Parts 1 through 3. It is approved for single transmitter use in SIL 2 safety applications and dual transmitter use in SIL 3 safety applications with no unique option required. With Yokogawa YTA710 temperature transmitters, no longer will you have to maintain two separate inventories - one for production applications and one for safety applications. How much will that save your company? The certificate and FMEDA are available under the "Download" tab above.

Exida SIL Certificate

YTA Agency Approvals

Worldwide Approvals

With the rapid globalization of markets, numerous international standards and approvals are becoming necessary. Yokogawa instruments have acquired various international certifications including FM, CSA, ATEX, IECEx, INMETRO, KOSHA, EAC, and NEPSI.

Universal Inputs

In addition to measuring temperature with various RTDs and thermocouples, the YTA610/YTA710 can be used to convert DC voltage and resistance into an analog 4 to 20 mA output. There is a wide range of devices that can be used to supply a resistance or voltage input.

YTA Universal Inputs (2)


Easy Installation:  Configuration and Commissioning
Various ways of configuring devices contribute to reduced installation and configuration time.

YTA610 710

Local Parameter Setting (LPS)

Basic parameters can be set quickly on-site with the LPS configuration buttons, located on the display, without the need for a Hand Held Communicator (HHC) or additional configuration tools.

* Accessible parameters vary depending on the communication protocol

Configuration Using FieldMate

FieldMate is a tool for adjusting and configuring instruments. Instrument maintenance, management, and even replacement can be performed with easily understood intuitive screens.

With the proper modem, FieldMate can communicate with Hart®, FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus, Profibus. Modbus, or ISA100 instruments.

FieldMate Tab (3)

RTD Curve

Sensor Matching (Optional)

Although all RTD sensors follow an overall standard resistance curve, each sensor, because of the manufacturing process or slight variations in material makeup, have a unique resistance output curve. The difference between the ‘ideal’ standard curve and sensor’s actual curve will cause errors in measurement. For applications with a high accuracy requirement, temperature sensor manufacturers can supply sensor-specific information to define the individual resistance output. Sensor matching is an optional function available on the YTA610/YTA710 for RTD sensor that can use the sensor manufacturer’s sensor-specific information (known as Callendar-Van Dusen coefficients) to increase the accuracy of the measurement.

Custom Thermocouple User Table

The YTA710 offers a range of preprogrammed thermocouple inputs; but, if the input Thermocouple being used is not one of the preprogrammed and the temperature-to-EMF data is available for that sensor, the YTA710 uses the custom table to determine the temperature based on the thermocouple EMF input value via FieldMate.


Rich Information:  Operation and Observation 
Valuable diagnostic information leads to improved process efficiency.

The YTA710 has all the diagnostics of the YTA610, plus four additional diagnostics.

Thermocouple Short

The TC short diagnostic detects any short circuit at the TC sensor. When the current is applied and the resistance of a sensor is below a customer defined threshold, the function outputs the alarm indicating a short. This diagnostic is applicable to Namur NE89 recommendations.

RTD Short

Available for 3-wire and 4-wire RTDs, the RTD short diagnostic detects any short circuit when using RTD or resistance input. When the resistance of the sensor is below a set threshold, the function outputs an alarm indicating a short. The threshold value is pre-programmed into the unit and is based on the input type. This diagnostic is applicable to Namur NE89 recommendations.

RTD Corrosion

The RTD corrosion diagnostic detects any corrosion at the terminals and along the measurement cables. When the resistance of the terminals and cables is above a programmed threshold, the function outputs an alarm indicating the presence of corrosion on the terminals or cable. This diagnostic is applicable to Namur NE89 recommendations.

Temperature Cycle Diagnostic

The temperature cycle diagnostic is used for preventative maintenance. The function displays the number of temperature fluctuations over a given time. These fluctuations could lead to failure of the sensor. It is available for TC or RTD inputs and indicates how many times the temperature hits pre-programmed upper and lower limits. The number hits to alarm is also pre-programmed. When the number of hits exceed the threshold, the function outputs an alarm.  This diagnostic is applicable to Namur NE89 recommendations.


Expert Solution: Maintenance and Service

The YTA610 has the tools to make maintenance and service quick and easy, keeping the process up and running.

Service Log

Alarms detected by the instrument are stored in internal memory along with runtime information. Troubleshooting can be performed quickly by checking the log.

  • Alarm log
  • Max / Min temperature sensor value
  • Max / Min ambient temperature value
  • Operating time 

Device Lifecycle Management

The newly developed Device Lifecycle Management service helps to minimize the amount of manual work that must be performed and improves the management of devices information. This service makes it easy to register, view, and manage information on instruments that is useful for maintenance work and helps customers to improve the efficiency of plant maintenance work and the quality of data management. Through solutions such as this Device Lifecycle Management service, Yokogawa will provide its customers with the support they need to ensure the optimal control of their plant assets.

Detachable Lightning Protector (Optional)

The YTA610/YTA710 offers an optional lightning protector that is connected directly to the multi-level terminal block. The design allows the lightning protector to be easily added or replaced in the field.

Data Transfer

Yokogawa’s FieldMate - Versatile Device Management Wizard can be used to program the same configuration into multiple devices using the data transfer function, reducing the total device configuration time.


Yokogawa temperature transmitter can use RTDs or thermocouple sensors from any number of suppliers.

Burns Engineering

Yokogawa has partnered with Burns Engineering to offer industrial sensors for use with Yokogawa’s YTA series of temperature transmitters. Burns Engineering provides a wide variety of sensor types (RTD or TC), thermowell materials, thermowell types, and immersion lengths for matching a wide range of customer requirements. Burns Engineering sensors are manufactured for Yokogawa in North America.


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