Wireless I/O

Data acquisition measurements (voltage, analog voltage, analog current, and themocouples) across large physical distances can prove challenging. Wireless I/O networking dramatically reduces thermocouple wire and CAT5 cabling.

The new E2 family of wireless I/O and protocol interface devices deliver advanced features using breakthrough technology, and provide secure, reliable wireless communications supporting true mesh networking capabilities.

  • The wireless I/O radio deliver the highest I/O count per device, providing secure, reliable wireless communications and supporting true mesh networking capabilities. It acts as a gateway, access point/repeater, and I/O device.

Application Note

The site consists of (10) remote wells with one central location that will collect all the data and have it available via Modbus TCP into the plant's DCS. Each well site has (1) 4-20 madc input from a flow meter, along with (1) DO signal to start the pump and (1) DI to read back the pump status. There is AC power available at each site. A path study was done before based on the GPS coordinates given for each site.


Product Overviews


    Yokogawa's Network Solutions Group is pleased to present a quick overview of the DAWN M1115NL Wireless IO Radio. The M1115NL is an effective way to acquire sensor data for SCADA, DCS, HMI, PLC, and other control or data acquisition systems. IO can be directly wired the M1115NL as it supports 8 digital input/outputs (individually settable), 4 analog inputs (DC mA or DCV), and 2 analog outputs (mA). Four of the digital inputs can also be configured as pulse inputs with support to 50KHz. The M1115NL supports Modbus TCP (client and server) over Ethernet as well as Modbus RTU Master over RS485 for connecting to remote instruments or upper level systems. The M1115NL features web based configuration via a browser. The M1115NL supports 900MHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum operation at 1W which gives it secure, powerful, noise resistant communications at up to 20 miles line of sight. The M1115NL is also a mesh radio that can operate as a repeater where radios on the same network can automatically re-route through each other to make it back to the host radio in case of interference or signal quality issues.

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