Solution-based Software

  • Yokogawa information management solutions offer improved data acquisition capabilities for a more detailed view of plant operations, delivering a six-fold increase in data acquisition performance and handling five times as many data points (tags).

  • A widespread issue in manufacturing plants is alarm overload. As formerly independent systems are integrated for more effective operation by fewer operators, each operator has to monitor an increasingly wider area and consequently deal with more alarms. Without rigorous alarm rationalization efforts, alarm flooding becomes a serious problem and increases the risk of safety and environmental incidents.

  • In process manufacturing, real-time optimization employs thermodynamic models which integrate big data to simulate and optimize plant data and develop optimal setpoint targets.

  • Production Management consists of systems and methods that are used to control and optimize the manufacturing of products and materials in industrial plants and facilities. Software solutions used in the role range from advanced multi-variable process control to Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solutions or Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Yokogawa provides many solutions in this area including Process Information Management Systems (PIMS) and Operations Management through to real-time model based process control and optimization.

  • Plant asset management tools remotely monitor field device performance, health and process interface conditions, resulting in proactive, predictive maintenance and less downtime.

  • Process safety management (PSM) minimizes the severity and frequency of incidents resulting from the release of chemicals and other energy sources.

  • Yokogawa offers a myriad of focused solutions that address customer's operational issues and improve accounting accuracy, asset and energy management, and optimize production and inventory management. 

  • Yokogawa recognizes that operational error in process plants is one of the major reasons for significant financial losses and has introduced operator effectiveness solutions to provide operators with information that assists them in making the timely correct decisions.  Yokogawa tools are designed to reduce Operator stress loading, enable smoother operational transitions, allow increased scope of responsibility, and empower operators to become proactive so they can avoid abnormal conditions and deal with them more effectively when they occur.

  • mPower extends the power of Exaquantum to integrate business and process data in a production model to give you the validated information you need to optimize and maximize valuable production resources.

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