Asset Performance Monitoring

What is Asset Performance Monitoring?

The level of complexity in system integration is increasing and strict adherence to design standards is the basis of a flawless start-up. New projects are being built in more remote locations including floating plants. Experts' access to these locations is becoming a critical risk factor during complex troubleshooting activities. A comprehensive service performance monitoring suite with health monitoring products will improve the effectiveness of the analysis and condition-based maintenance activities.

  • Integrated System Health Monitoring

    Both owners and EPCs require an easy way to assess if the integrated system is approaching any of the defined design constraints before approving changes to be applied during the project and operations.


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  • System Health Monitoring Service

    • System health monitoring of overall system performance
    • Measuring various key design criteria
    • Network performance, field/safety controller performance, HMI performance, server performance, etc.
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  • Environment Monitoring Service

    As part of the periodical asset health check service, our experts analyze environment data and propose a plan for optimizing the environment. This solution can prevent failures caused by deterioration due to the environment.

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Benefits of Asset Performance Monitoring

Integrated system health monitoring: As part of the system process health monitoring service, Yokogawa gathers the health diagnosis data of the system equipment and then provides an evaluation report comparing the current data with data at the time the system was delivered or the last time such data was acquired. This service allows the EPC and/or owner to clearly grasp the health of the system at transition times or during maintenance periods.

System health monitoring service: By maintaining the system’s overall health, system performance can be maximized for optimum sustainability, security, stability, technological innovation, and business efficiency.

Environmental monitoring service: With the long-term accumulation of environmental stress data during normal operation, any sign of degradation in the system can be detected early on, allowing us to effectively maintain the health of the system’s hardware.

Industrial Applications of Asset Performance Monitoring

Sustainable plants

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