The Value of Synaptic Business Automation

Synaptic Business Automation Model

"Synaptic Business Automation" is our new business concept that focuses on creating sustainable value for customers through co-innovation and collaboration with them. Our shared goal is to realize profitable and sustainable growth for their business. The first step in developing a shared goal is to understand the potential value of their business. The created value is divided into the following three elements:


Resilient Operation

Resilient Operation means to improve flexiblity and adaptability to business risks for HSSE, and organizational issues, safety, and environmental regulations.


Optimized Production

Optimized Production is to optimize TOTEX which means CAPEX and OPEX through our customer’s lifecycle. Furthermore, it includes value improvements related to productivity and profitability such as reliability, adaptability, and supply chain challenges.


Business Innovation

Business innovation creates further value for our customers, for example, promoting collaboration between customers and their suppliers via the cloud technology and providing services to our customers, creating a new business model for all.


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