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Analytical Products

With one of the most comprehensive families of sensors and on-line analyzers for pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, combustion oxygen, humidity, liquid and gas density and process gas chromatography, Yokogawa is recognized as a world leader in the field of analytical equipment. Accurate, repeatable measurement is the key to obtaining optimal results in your process, and Yokogawa's diagnostic-based analytical instrumentation offers the flexibility to meet a range of individual requirements. Whether for liquid or gas applications, our analyzers can resolve even the most demanding situations. We are known worldwide for our leadership in this field and are helping to protect the environment by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. 


pH/ORP analyzers, sensors, and holders from Yokogawa are easy to use, multi-configurationable for best application and offer flexible and reliable functionality.

Oxygen Analyzers

Yokogawa oxygen analyzers, detectors and accessories are highly accurate and reliable, capable of measuring a wide range of concentrations.

TruePeak Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometer

Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometer (TDLS) is a laser-based gas analyzer with fast-update optical analysis.

Contacting Conductivity

Yokogawa contacting conductivity analyzers, sensors, holders, and cables are designed to provide the best results even in the harshest conditions and range from personal hand-held meters to mounted 2 and 4-wire analyzers.

Gas Density/Hydrogen Purity

Our Gas Density detectors and analyzers provide continuous measurement of gas density; as well as, several other valuable paramenters, including specific gravity and molecular weight.

Process Gas Chromatographs

Yokogawa's Process Gas Chromatographs feature touchscreens, and are designed to output accurate results quickly and effortlessly. 

Dissolved Oxygen

Yokogawa Dissolved Oxygen analyzers and sensors offer several different choices for measurementation.

Inductive Conductivity

Yokogawa inductive conductivity analyzers, sensors and fittings are designed to offer a rugged, yet highly functional and industry leading results-oriented output.


Our humidity analyzers, detectors, and accessories provide accurate, repeatable measurements and flexibility in application, as well as, quick and easy gas calibration.

Liquid Density Analyzer

The DM8 liquid density analyzer measures liquid density of general process liquids with high sensitivity and excellent stability. It has a measuring density range of 0 to 2.0 g/cm3, and unaffected by flow rate and viscosity. Besides general-purpose sensor, sanitary and explosionproof sensor are also available.

Advanced Reflux Sampler

The Yokogawa Advanced Reflux Sampler is designed to provide conditioning for severe service analysis needs using a simple self contained two stage system. The first stage is designed to provide filtration of particulate and passive cooling.


Infared and Fourier Transform Near-Infared Analyzers consists of our IR200, IR400 and NR800 series analyzers.

NIST Buffers, ORP (mV) & Conductivity Solutions

MSDS are data sheets listing general chemical compositions and certain characteristics of chemicals. The purpose of these datasheets is to provide information for safe handling and measures to be taken in case of accidents or spills. These MSDS forms are included with the specific products. Translations in other languages will be available from this web page.

Analyzer System Integration

Measurementation is an engineering, consulting, and fabrication company specializing in all aspects of analyzer system integration since 1967. They became fully integrated with Yokogawa Corporation of America in 2002.

Sensor Wiring Guide

The sensor wiring guide incorporates Yokogawa designed and supported sensors and analyzers across the entire liquid measurement product line. It is avialable online as well as in App for your iphone or Android phones.

Analytical Solution Webinars

The Yokogawa Analytical Solution Webinars is a program that we have created to provide customers with need to know information. Check back soon for more events.