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pH/ORP analyzers, sensors, and holders from Yokogawa are easy to use, multi-configurationable for best application and offer flexible and reliable functionality.


The PH72 pH meter is Compact, Easy-to-use, Drip proof – Ideal for Field Use. Features "One-Touch Calibration" and Temperature Compensation. Laboratory-Grade Intelligent pH Meters – Sized and Priced to Fit in Your Pocket


Designed for 2-wire (loop powered) system configuration. Standard mA (4-20), HART, Profibus, and Foundation Fieldbus communication available.


The model FLXA21® two-wire analyzer is used for continuous on-line measurements in industrial installations. It offers an option for single or dual sensor measurement, making it the most flexible 2-wire analyzer available. The model FLEXA21® modular designed series analyzer offers 4 parameter choices – pH/ORP (oxidation-reduction potential), contacting conductivity (SC), inductive conductivity (ISC) or dissolved oxygen (DO) – with the respective sensor module.


The new EXAxt 450 series builds on the superior functionality of the industry leading Yokogawa EXA series by enhancing the EXA's proven operation and application flexibility. The Model 450 series feature a uniquely simple touch screen menu structure that offers a choice of five different languages (English, French, German, Italian or Spanish).

SENCOM® Digital Sensor Communication

SENCOM® is the first generation of Yokogawa digital sensors for pH and ORP measuring systems. Our engineers have combined Yokogawa's application proven process sensor line with the innovative capabilities of digital data communication.

SPS24 SENCOM® PC Software

The new SENCOM® PC Software SPS24, offers a unique means to optimize the performance of pH/ORP sensors for enhanced reliability and process safety. 

FU20F Digital SENCOM® pH/ORP Sensor

Yokogawa's SENCOM® (SENsor COMmunication) technology allows sensors to transmit and receive data when connected to Yokogawa's FLXA21 two-wire transmitter or to any PC with the SENCOM SPS24 software installed. Sensor specific characteristics such as calibration data and other parameters are stored directly in the sensor, making configuration and setup simple and straightforward.


The PH20 and FU20 all-in-one sensors show how Yokogawa applies the motto "Simple is best" to sensor technology.

WU11 Interconnection Cable

The WU11 interconnection cable is specified for reliable transfer of digital signals between the SENCOM® sensors and Yokogawa FLXA analyzer.


The FU24 all-in-one sensor incorporates the successful Yokogawa patented Bellow system ensuring that, a strong pressure compensation mechanism is created. The built-in bellow ensures immediate interior pressure equalization to the outside pressure, making the sensor virtually insensitive to external pressure variations.


The model PH18 differential pH sensor is unique and offers the possibility of maintenance free operation for the correct application.


The SC24V differential pH sensor is unique to the industry, offering maintenance free operation without any reference problems. In the SC24V differential pH sensor, the reference cell is made of glass, with no porous junction, so no electrolyte is in contact with the process.



The SC25V is the latest addition to the family. Yokogawa's first combination pH sensor in a 12 mm design with an external Liquid earth. A new design made it possible to create a large electrolyte volume making this sensor last longer then most other comparable pH electrode.

Industrial Electrodes

The heart of a pH measuring loop is the electrode system. Yokogawa has designed a wide range of electrodes to ensure this heart keeps beating under the most severe conditions.

Pharmaceutical pH Electrodes and Fittings

These sensors feature the latest innovations in pH glass formulation, reference systems, and reference electrolytes. They offer supperior accuracy and stability, even after repeated sterilizations.


Yokogawa has invested considerable design and development time in producing a full range of fittings with particular emphasis on designs that reduce installation and maintenance time and consequently save operation costs.


The immersion fittings are designed for either pH or ORP (Redox) measurements in tanks, open vessels and drains. They have a "hoisting cable" for easy maintenance.


The Model PH87 assemblies are constructed of chemically resistant titanium sheathes and are used with Model PH97 sensors. The retractable assembly is suitable for "Hot-Tap" service and is removable from a pressurized process line or vessel without interrupting the flow or draining the tank. The Model PH97 electrodes are designed to be durable and rugged for use with the PH87assemblies. Each PH97 holds four separate elements in a rugged Ryton™ body whichincludes a pH bulb guard and an anti-blowout restraint.

PR10 Holder

On-line measurements often present extra challenges, especially when routine maintenance is required. The PR10 is ideally suitable for applications where the sensors must be removed without interrupting or shutting down the process. Without any special tools the PR10 can be retracted safely from the process at pressures up to 5 bar (72 psi). Using the PR10 allows us to place any dissolved oxygen sensor that has a PG13.5 connenction into a retractable assembly.

RF20 Pneumatic Retractable Series

The pneumatic retractable holder EXAtrac RF20 (Extrac 810 and 820) is made for installation of 12mm sensors on tanks or pipelines where the sensor has to be removed without interruptions or shutdowns and in the hash applications where frequent cleaning is of vital importance for a good pH measurement.


Between measuring plant and control room, especially when the distance between these places is greater than the length of the standard appropriate electrode cables, the connecting equipment can be an expedient method for connecting sensor cables to a measuring instrument.

Cleaning System

For industrial applications and particularly for automatic process measurements it is of the greatest importance that the sensitive part of a glass electrode and the diaphragm of a reference electrode are kept clean.

PC Flow Block

Many botech and pharmaceutical applications for determining the purity and quality of the finished product, require the measurement of pH and conductivity in very low volume samples. The PC Flow Block assemblies were specifically designed to achieve accurate pH and conductivity measurements in such low volume applications.