Flowmeters adjustment and configuration

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  • Periodic maintenance
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  • Field engineering

Engineers adjust/configure the field devices during the maintenance, if necessary. FieldMate supports these maintenance works effectively. This web page introduces the Features, Benefits, and usage example.

Flowmeters adjustment and configuration

Features and Benefits

  • Full-color trend view for checking the field device status
  • User friendly interface to adjust and configure the field devices

Usage Example

Full-color trend view:
Engineers can check the process values (measurement value, set-point value, actual valve position, etc.) with device status, like below;

Full-color trend view

* It means engineers use the five senses with Process value and device status in the field. Hence, it is easy to understand the field device behavior from process value and device status linked with field situation (Exterior, Sound, and Smell, etc.).

Parameter Management:
Engineers can configure the field devices parameters with parameter comparison function for its confirmation such as the followings:

  1. Comparison: “Parameter Values in the field device” and “changed ones”
  2. Comparison: “Parameter Values at healthiness” and “changed ones”

Parameter Management

* Parameter comparison function contributes to saving times for field device configuration and eliminating some human error.

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