AXFA11 Magnetic Flow Converter
Notice: This product was discontinued on Mar 12, 2021. See this replacement product:

The AXFA11 magnetic converter retains all the features and functions of the ADMAG series of converters, featuring Yokogawa’s enhanced dual frequency excitation method as an option for difficult applications as well as new diagnostics to detect electrode coating. Combined with a flow tube utilizing the optional replaceable electrode design, the user can schedule maintenance for reduced process downtime and in turn a lower total cost of ownership.

The AXFA11 can be combined with AXG and AXW flow meters for specific specifications. Its wall-mounted design for general purpose applications can also be used as a universal converter for third-party flow tubes.


Size Combined with Remote type flow tube*
0.1" to 72" (2.5 to 1800 mm)
Type of Use General-purpose use
Ambient Temp. -40 to 140 °F (-40 to 60 °C)
Accuracy 0.35% of rate (Optional; 0.2% of rate)
Fluid Conductivity 1 micro-S/cm or larger (depends on nominal pipe size and fluid condition)
Maximum Cable Length 656 ft (200m)
Indicator Multi-line backlit LCD (Full dot-matrix)
Diagnosis Adhesion diagnosis, Empty pipe, Coil open, etc.
Alarm message Alarm message with corrective measures is indicated (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese)
Excitation method Dual Frequency Excitation: AXG, AXW, AXF sizes up to 16" (up to 400 mm)
Enhanced Dual Frequency Excitation (optional): AXF sizes 1" to 8" (25 to 200 mm)
Pulsed DC Excitation: AXG 20" (500mm); AXW sizes 20" to 72" (500 to 1800 mm)

Refer to GS sheet for details.
*Note: AXFA11 Converter can also be used as a universal converter for third-party flow tubes.

PROFIBUS is an open, digital communication system which covers factory and process automation. The GSD and EDD files can be downloaded here.

Product GSD file EDD file
ADMAG AXF Magnetic Flowmeter

Note: There are two types of GSD file in the folder.

Device Specific GSD YEC4590.gsd
Profile GSD file PA139740.gsd

Note: Device Type Manager (DTM)
Please download at FDT/DTM Download Area.
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A popular feature of the Yokogawa magnetic flow converter is its ability to drive other manufacturers flow tubes. The converter's unique noise reduction circuitry provides the accuracy and noise immunity required in today's demanding process environment. A case in point is the use of a Yokogawa ADMAG flow converter to drive a 24" AC flow tube at a major paper mill.

Yokogawa Technical Report

Yokogawa Electric Corporation promotes the standardization of FOUNDATION™ fieldbus as the communication foundation supporting Asset Excellence for VigilantPlant, which is an approach aimed at the advancement of plant instruments and equipment. With the recent dramatic advancement of fieldbus technologies, information processing technologies, and network speed, it has become possible to process various kinds of information inside the field sensors and transmit the results to the distributed control system (DCS) and host computer.

For an integral flowmeter: 12 W For a remote flowtube combined with an AXFA11 converter: 20 W For a remote flowtube combined with an AXFA14 converter: 12 W 


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