Infrared Gas Analyzer IR400

The IR400 infrared gas analyzer is capable of measuring the concentrations of NO, SO2, CO2, CO, CH4 and O2 components in sample gas. NO, SO2, CO2, CO and CH4 are measured by the non-dispersive infrared method (NDIR), while O2 is measured by built-in paramagnetic sensor or external zirconia sensor. A maximum of 5 components including O2 (up to 4 components except for O2 measurement) are simultaneously measurable.

The mass flow type twin detector of high sensitivity and reliability adopted in the infrared ray method detection unit makes the measurement hardly affected by interfering components. In addition, the IR400 has a large-size liquid crystal display, providing easy operation, high accuracy and multiple functions.

Optimum as an analyzer unit of measurement system for combustion exhaust gas from refuse incinerator and boiler, or gas from different industrial furnaces.


The highly sensitive and reliable mass flow type twin detector used in the infrared ray method detection block makes measurements much less susceptible to interference from other components. In addition, a microprocessor is built in and a large-size liquid crystal display is equipped for easier operation, higher accuracy and more functions.

This gas analyzer is an ideal system for the measurement of combustion exhaust gas from refuse incinerators and boilers, or gas from various types of industrial furnaces.

  • Measure 5 components including O2 simultaneously and continuously
  • Hardly affected by interference from other gases
  • Equipped with abundant functions
  • Large, easy-to-see LCD unit
  • 19 inch rack mount structure


What is the Infrared Gas Analyzer IR400?

Using the non-dispersive infrared method (NDIR), the Infrared Analyzer IR400 measures NO, SO2, CO2, CO, and CH4 concentrations in sample gas. It also measures O2 using an external zirconia sensor or internal paramagnetic sensory. It can simultaneously measure up to 4 or 5 components.

Industrial Applications of the Infrared Gas Analyzer IR400:

Analyzer unit of measurement system for-

  • refuse incinerator and boiler combustion exhaust gas
  • industrial furnace gas

Benefits of an Infrared Gas Analyzer IR400:

  • Sensitive and reliable mass flow type twin detector
  • Minimum component interference in measurements
  • Easy operation for infrared gas analysis
  • Multi-functional


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