Gasoline Blending
Gasoline Blending

 Yokogawa Gas/Crude Oil Blending System

Gasoline blending is the final step in a refinery’s operation that blends different component streams into various grades of gasoline.  Optimization of the gasoline blending process can have a significant impact on quality control, inventory control, throughput of the entire process, and product processing costs.  Our comprehensive blending solution is designed to maximize profit while meeting specifications.

Customer Challenge

  • Not taking advantage of low cost components i.e. butane
  • Re-blends or expensive blend fixes
  • Ethanol trade-offs: Octane boost vs reformer severity
  • Accuracy of analysis and controls
  • Improper storage tank utilization
  • Non-economical or “forced blends”
  • Demurrage/missed shipments
Gasoline Blending
Gasoline Blending

Our Solution

True blending optimization involves multiple refinery stakeholders including marketing, planning, lab, and operations.

Blending System Design

Yokogawa's comprehensive blending solution includes equipment, software, engineering, training, oil blending process performance guarantees, and support.

Front-end engineering services include site survey and blending studies to quantify economic benefits.

Customer Benefits

Four Major Benefits in Optimizing Your Blending Operations

  • Improved refinery profitability
  • Consistent product specification and quality
  • Improved inventory control
  • Industry-leading analyzer accuracy
Gasoline Blending
Gasoline Blending

Enabling Technology

  • Refinery Scheduling
  • Multi-Blend Optimization
  • Blending Management
  • Blend Property Control (BPC)
  • Blend Ratio Control (BRC)
  • Analysis
  • Tank Inventory
  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)


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