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Oxygen Analyzers

Yokogawa oxygen analyzers, detectors and accessories are highly accurate and reliable, capable of measuring a wide range of concentrations.

In-Situ Gas Analyzer TDLS200

The TDLS200 is designed to make fast, accurate measurements of gases including oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO), methane (CH4), moisture (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), ammonia (NH3), and hydrogen chloride (HCl). It is ideally suited for environments involving changing pressure or temperature.

Extractive O2 Analyzer TDLS220

The TDLS220 is specifically designed for accurate, reliable and low maintenance measurement of volume percent (vol%) oxygen (O2) for safety and process applications. It is a viable alternative to paramagnetic O2 analyzers.


The ZR probe's in-situ measurement method does not require any process conditioning or extractive sampling. This reduces maintenance costs and allows faster measurement response to changes in the process.


Accurate, repeatable measurement of humidity is mandatory for processes that use vapor as a heat source to facilitate drying. The drying process can consume significant amounts of fuel in order to operate the dryers. Therefore, proper control can reduce operating expenses and optimize the process as well. The EXAxt ZR402 analyzer features the industry's latest technological advances such as, easy-to-read, simple-to-use, LCD touch screen operation; real-time trend graphing of process variables; two user configurable analog outputs; and, three user configurable measurement parameters.


The EXAxt ZR202 transmitter / detector combines benefits of the ZR402 remote analyzer and the ZR22 detector into an intelligent, rebuildable, low-cost measurement device for in-situ humidity measurement.


The O2mation, model AV550, averaging oxygen analyzer was designed with a focus on practical performance. Yokogawa has refined our expertise in the combustion oxygen business into this new and creative product. It is packed with features designed to minimize plant down time and technical support for the oxygen measurement.

Calibration Units

Yokogawa's Zirconia oxygen detector systems offer a variety of calibration units for quick, easy control of calibration gases giving the user simple, accurate calibration.

WZ-H Cables

The WZ-H cables supplied by Yokogawa Corporation of America are compatible with all Yokogawa ZR22, ZR402, and AV550G models. The purpose of these cables is to transmit the signal from the sensor/detector to the analyzer. Additionally, the cabling provides for electrical input to the heater assembly within the detector for cell temperature control.

FLY-ASH Filter

The accumulation of fly-ash on the zirconia cell affects its ability to measure oxygen concentration. Flyash and its constituents can reduce the life of the zirconia cell and affect the cells response time to changes in gas concentration. Yokogawa's large surface area sintered metal filters are designed to keep particulate and ash off the measurement cell.


The OX400 is a highly accurate and reliable low-concentration zirconia oxygen analyzer that is capable of measuring a wide range of concentrations, from 0-10 ppm up to 0-100 vol%O2.


The IAC-24 is an ultra compact device that mounts directly onto the ZR22G or ZR202G zirconia detector. It is used to calibrate a single detector. The unique mounting configuration is designed to minimize installation time, wire pulls and tubing runs that are typical with auto calibration.