pH Basics: Understanding pH Theory, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

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Basic pH/ORP Theory and gain an understanding of:

  • How pH and ORP measurement works
  • The differences in measuring electrodes and reference electrodes
  • The difference between ORP and pH compensated ORP

How to choose the right reference and measuring electrode for your application, which includes:

  • The differences and benefits between all-in-one vs. individual electrodes
  • The benefits of SMART sensors
  • The difference between traditional and differential pH maintenance
  • Best practices for cleaning and calibrating
  • The benefits of sensor diagnostics and how to interpret the information

Related Products & Solutions

12mm Digital smart pH Sensor SC25F

The SC25F is a digital smart pH sensor in a 12 mm design that includes an integral temperature element and a Liquid earth electrode.

12mm pH Sensor SC25V

The SC25V is a pH sensor in a 12 mm design that includes an integral temperature element and a Liquid earth electrode.

All-in-One Digital Smart pH/ORP Sensor FU20F

All-In-One pH and ORP digital smart sensor that keeps the motto "Simple is best" while combing the sensor with built-in intelligence and direct digital communication. 

All-in-One Digital Smart pH/ORP Sensor FU24F

The FU24F is a digital smart pH/ORP sensor made with a chemical resistant PPS 40GF body for harsh pH applications.

All-in-One pH/ORP Sensor Series FU20/FU24/PH20

The PH20, FU20 and FU24, all-in-one pH and ORP, sensors show how Yokogawa applies the motto "Simple is best" to sensor technology.

Pure Water pH and ORP Sensors

Achieving accurate and reliable readings using a traditional pH analyzer is challenging, however with the right equipment stable and accurate pure water pH measurements can be accomplished. Yokogawa's specialized bellomatic pH sensor is proven best solution for high purity water applications. For those individuals that do not like the maintenance of refilling sensors, then the FU24 which incorporates the successful patented bellow system in an All-in-one body is the ideal solution.

pH Sensors

pH electrodes and sensors are the sensing portions of a pH measurement. Various installation options including retractable, flow thru, immersion, and direct insertion. Proper pH electrode/sensor selection is critical for optimal measurement results.