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Exceptionally reliable control and safety systems, solutions, and technology that respond quickly to changes in management and operations

Yokogawa control and safety systems establish the foundation for high efficiency, high quality, safety, and stability in plant operations. With our proven control technology, we offer a range of innovative automation architectures, efficient control strategies, and advanced solutions that respond to the changing demands of the marketplace.

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From simple unit processes to critical infrastructure “megaprojects,” Yokogawa’s control system portfolio provides an optimal solution across all architecture requirements and selection criteria with proven solutions including distributed control systems, process controllers, and safety instrumented systems.

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Collaborative Information Server (CI Server) allows immediate improvement to production efficiency through DX (digital transformation) and reduction of operational maintenance whilst building a digital transformation framework.

Yokogawa Distributed Control Systems (DCS) deliver the industry's highest proven availability, maximizing performance and profitability.

Safeguard your plant with our industry-leading safety instrumented systems, designed to prevent unnecessary shutdowns, improve asset performance, and enhance operator effectiveness.

Our IoT-enabled Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system optimizes automation and monitoring throughout the entire enterprise.

From process plants to remote locations, our process control PLC and Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) help users maximize operational excellence.

Yokogawa’s PLC products feature ultra-high speed, stable control and high-performance networking for real time, deterministic automation and monitoring.

ICSS (Integrated Control & Safety Systems) core technology that realizes OpreX Control category's system reliability, productivity and long-term stable operation.

Our complete product line supports every type of control application. Models with Active Color PV display and Ethernet connectivity are now available.

Our online thickness gauge accurately measures and controls sheet thickness at the final stage of the process to provide high quality and uniformity.

The CX1000/CX2000 use the following file extensions: Display data file: Mddhhmma.CDS Event data file: Mddhhmma.CEV Manual sample data file: Mddhhmma.DMN TLOG data file: Mddhhmma.DTG Hourly data file: Mddhhmma.DHR Daily data file: Mddhhmma.DDR...

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    Having knowledge of the different tuning elements and how to adjust them can help you bring these unruly loops under control. If you have the responsibility to keep the processes running at your plant or factory, this webinar will help you better understand the basics of PID control.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    • The purpose of each of the PID tuning elements
    • How adjusting the individual PID elements will affect the process
    • General PID profiles for pressure / flow loops
    • General PID profiles for temperature loops
    • An explanation of some supporting parameters like cycle time, manual reset, and anti-reset windup

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