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EJA110A Differential Pressure Transmitter

The EJA110A is a traditional-mount differetial pressure transmitter based on Yokogawa's workhorse EJA-A series.

Review the tabs below to see how the EJA110A can

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Digital Performance




EJA110A Capsule Ranges



3rd Party Manifolds


3-Valve Manifold



5-Valve Manifold


3rd Party Remote Diaphragm Seals



Flush-Flanged Diaphragm Seal


Boiler/Feedwater Pump Efficiency Optimization

The primary function of a utility boiler is to convert water into steam to be used by a steam turbine / generator in producing electricity. The boiler consists of a furnace, where air and fuel are combined and burned to produce combustion gases, and a feedwater tube system, the con- tents of which are heated by these gases. 

Products: EJA110A
Hydrogen Permeation

Hydrogen is the simplest and smallest atomic element. Water, acids, bases, and the immense family of organic compounds all contain hydrogen. Even though hydrogen is not corrosive, it can cause problems for pressure transmitters through Hydrogen Permeation.

Products: EJA110A EJA118 EJA130A EJA310A EJA430A EJA438 EJA530A EJX110A EJX118A EJX130A EJX310A EJX430A EJX438A EJX510B EJX530A EJX610A EJX910A EJX930A Industries: Water & Wastewater
Reverse Osmosis Filter Monitoring

The reverse osmosis (RO) process is used in many industries. This process uses membrane separation which has been proven to be one of the most economical means to remove suspended solids from feed water.

Products: EJA110A EJX110A Industries: Water & Wastewater
Screen Differential Control

Screen differential control and monitoring is needed to prevent damage to rotating screens caused by excessive pressure being applied by debris collecting on the screens.

Products: EJA110A EJX110A Industries: Water & Wastewater
EJA Series Differential Pressure Transmitter With Fieldbus Communication

Differential pressure transmitters, which serve as the core of field instrumentation, are widely used to measure the flow rate, pressure and density of liquids, gases and steam, as well as the level of liquid in a tank.

Products: EJA110A EJA110E EJA115 EJA115E EJA118 EJA118E EJA120A EJA120E EJA130A EJA130E EJA210A / EJA220A EJA210E EJA310A EJA310E EJA430A EJA430E EJA438 EJA438E EJA440A EJA440E EJA510E EJA530A EJA530E Industries: Oil & Gas Upstream LNG Supply Chain Refining Specialty Chemical Power Water & Wastewater Iron and Steel