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Yokogawa Corporation of America

Worldwide Locations

North & Central America



Course Number Course Name
5205 Process Analyzer Sampling Systems
5300 GD402/GD40 Gas Density Analyzer
5304 TDLS220 Training
5311 Yokogawa GC1000 Mark-II Operation & Maintenance
5312 Yokogawa GC8000 Operation & Maintenance
5325 Yokogawa NR800 FTNIR Operation, Maintenance & Modeling


Course Number Course Name
2000 CENTUM VP Overview WBT
7120 CENTUM VP Essentials
7130 CENTUM VP Graphics
7220 CENTUM VP Operations
7221 Centum VP CAMS Operations
7320 CENTUM VP Maintenance
7420 CENTUM VP Engineering
7421 Centum VP CAMS Configuration
7499 CENTUM VP Special (Accelerated) Engineering
7520 CENTUM VP Batch

CS 3000

Course Number Course Name
CS1000/3000 Operator CBT
7100 CENTUM CS3000 Essentials, 3-days, 2.0 CEU 1
7199 CENTUM CS3000 Special (Accelerated) Engineering 2
7200 CENTUM CS3000 Operator Training 3
7300 CENTUM CS3000 Maintenance
7400 CENTUM CS3000 Engineering
7500 CENTUM CS3000 Batch
1 3 days
2 Scheduled upon request - 4 student minimum requirement
3 On-site ONLY


Course Number Course Name
7800 EXAquantum System Administration / Desktop Data Access
7930 Exapilot

Information Technology

Course Number Course Name
4000 CS3000/Centum VP Networking
4001 A+ Essentials Certification
4002 A+ IT Technician Certification
4003 Network + Certification


Course Number Course Name
1010 ADMAG Flowmeter
1020 Unidelta/EJA Pressure Transmitters
1030 YEWFLO Vortex Flowmeter
1040 YT200/YTA Temperature Transmitters
1050 RotaMass 3-Series Coriolis Mass Flowmeter
1600 FieldMate Intelligent Device Configuration Tool
1601 FieldMate/EJX910A Multivariable Transmitter


Course Number Course Name
YEF-AG-010 Engineering
YEF-AG-041 Architecture and Internal Directory


Course Number Course Name
7600 FOUNDATION Fieldbus


Course Number Course Name
7700 Plant Resource Management - Administration
7701 Plant Resource Management - Maintenance

ProSafe RS

Course Number Course Name
9000 ProSafe RS Engineering
9001 ProSafe RS Maintenance

SEBOL Engineering

Course Number Course Name
8500 SEBOL Engineering


Course Number Course Name
8000 STARDOM Engineering
8200 STARDOM Fieldbus