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Yokogawa Corporation of America

YOKOGAWAYokogawa 100th Anniversary

North & Central America



Training Center

Yokogawa Corporation of America understands the importance of investing in the future. We believe the most important investment your company can make is an investment in its most valuable resource -- its people.

Education Center Principles

Each day, process industries invest millions in raw materials, equipment, automation technology, and communications networks. Each investment is designed to maximize productivity, minimize waste, and boost quality.

Because automation advances so rapidly, Yokogawa is committed to helping its customers stay ahead of the learning curve. We back this commitment with a comprehensive training program designed to help your people get the most out of your hardware and software -- to maximize your Yokogawa investment.

Yokogawa training courses, help your personnel review the fundamental principals, sharpen existing skills and integrate new advanced strategies. We combine hands-on experience and in-depth classroom instruction to help your managers, engineers, operators and maintenance professionals meet and exceed your business objectives.

Please take time to review our online course schedule, policies, and guidelines. Once you've found the class you're looking for, in the current training schedule, you can enroll by selecting the class and building your student profile. We do require that all classes are paid in full prior to attendance.

While we have tried to make available our most popular courses, not all have been listed. So, if you do not see a course or product you are interested in please e-mail us at We will be more than delighted to respond to your request.