Adding Quantities of Flow Using a Signal Conditioner (Computation Unit)


This introduces use of a contact input multiplication/addition computing unit that employs a user program of the MXT computing unit (XJJM.507) on fluid mixture and other calculated measurement outputs from flow meters. The figure below shows examples of connecting various field instruments to an upstream system.

Examples of Connecting Various Field Instruments to an Upstream System

The MXT (XJJM.507) computing unit has 1 digital and 2 analog inputs, and 1 analog output. The output (computation) can be changed according to the contact input status (ON/OFF). When the adjustment valve is open (contact = ON) it adds the flow meter value and outputs it, but when closed (contact = OFF) it does not. The output is limited with high and low limit calculations. The limit values can be varied by setting constants.

Computation (User Program)

User Program Editing

User programs can be edited using the VJ77, JHT200, or other tools. The VJ77 is a software program for configuring parameters and computing unit programs of the PC-based JUXTA signal conditioners.

Product Details

For JUXTA series signal conditioner computing units, we have a lineup of plug-in or front panel terminal models to match the user's operating conditions.

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JUXTA M Series Computing Units

M Series computing units include a type that supports user-specified programs, and types that support analog memory, peak/bottom holders, moving averages, dead times, temperature/pressure compensation, and a wide range of other applications.

JUXTA VJ Series Signal Conditioners

Compact size, plug-in style and microprocessor based high performance capabilities (Multi-function types) makes the VJ Series an excellent choice for almost every application. Analog output, Hi-Low alarm relay outputs or RS-485 MODBUS communication is available as optional second output.


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