Sterilization Temperature Acquisition and Monitoring System

Sterilization Temperature Acquisition and Monitoring System

  • Remote measurement of sterilization temperatures at each stage using the DX2000+MW100
    The DX2000's external input function (/MC1) lets you add up to 240 external input channels.
  • Using the DX2000 and MW100's Modus TCP communication functions, you can connect up to 240 channels (external input) from the MW100 as extended I/O via Ethernet. Naturally, any data input by the DX2000 can be monitored and recorded.
  • The DX2000 lets you acquire multipoint data at each process, making management of corresponding files easy and eliminating the need to set up a computer on site.
  • With DAQLOGGER, you can create an integrated data acquisition system of up to 1600 ch/32 units.
  • With AddObserver, you can design custom monitors that convey information powerfully.


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