Introducing Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor, DTSX

Temperature monitoring throughout large plants without blank areas is difficult due to technical and cost issues and it is hard to comply with corporate HSE policies. DTSX measures temperature distribution over the length of an optical fiber cable using the fiber itself as the sensing element and it is ideal for temperature monitoring over long distances and wide areas. DTSX has been increasingly used in a variety of applications such as fire detection, leak detection and preventative maintenance.

Related Products & Solutions


The DTSX200 is a short range, low sampling resolution capable product, with a measurement range of up to 6km, temperature accuracy of 0.1 °C, and a 19" rack design.


The DTSX3000 is the long range, high accuracy product, with a measurement range of up to 50km, a temperature accuracy of 0.01 °C, and 19" rack design.