A high-performance gauge pressure transmitter, the EJX630A delivers liquid, gas, or steam measurements accurately, quickly, and reliably.


The EJX630A with DPharp digital sensor offers the performance needed to run your operations at peak performance. This ensures on-spec product, reduced waste, and improved yield, helping you increase profitability.


What Are the Benefits of a Gauge Pressure Transmitter?


Digital Performance

Poor Performance = Lost Money

Other pressure sensor technologies require an analog to digital conversion before the signal can be processed, introducing additional errors. In Yokogawa’s pressure transmitters, the DPharp sensor directly outputs a digital signal, eliminating the need for analog to digital conversion and improving performance.



Tighter Process Control

Tighter Control = Reduced Scrap

Poor performing pressure transmitters can lead to you having to run at a lower than desired set point in your control loop or scrap product that doesn’t meet spec. The DPharp sensor exhibits greater linearity and repeatability with no inherent hysteresis, providing tighter process control.



How to Reduce Total Cost of Ownership?


The EJX630A reduces total cost of ownership by having safety as standard, extending calibration intervals, and utilizing a common communication platform for all protocols.


Safety as Standard

Inherently Safe = Reliability

At Yokogawa, safety is never an option. All Yokogawa pressure transmitters are designed and certified to IEC61508:2010 Parts 1 through 7 and IEC61511:2004 Parts 1 through 3 by Exida® and TÜV Rheinland®.

As standard, all Yokogawa transmitters are certified for single transmitter use in SIL 2 safety applications and dual transmitter use in SIL 3 safety applications. The same transmitter can be used for both process control and safety applications. Managing two separate transmitter models is no longer necessary, reducing spares inventory and simplifying daily operations.


Extended Calibration Check Intervals

Quicker Maintenance = Less Downtime

When devices are initially installed, they operate at peak performance, but what happens after they are running under various process conditions and poorly managed or maintained? Changing operating conditions can cause transmitters to drift to the point where they are no longer able to make accurate measurements for the process loop they are installed in, resulting in poor quality or an impact to product yields. This requires a calibration check interval to ensure you’re operating within desired error limits.

Yokogawa EJX-A series pressure transmitters have the long-term stability of ±0.1% per 15 years under all operational conditions, reducing calibration frequencies. As you gain experience with these transmitters, the interval between calibration checks is extended. Long-term this can help reduce your maintenance cost by up to 34%. Spend your time where it is needed.


Standard Communication Protocol

Standard Communication ProtocolsNo Learning Curve = Smooth Change Over

Yokogawa transmitters support all industry standard field device communication protocols. Interoperability and interchangeability can be ensured. Use all the same tools and work procedures as before. Yokogawa transmitters are available with analog 4 to 20mA signal with either BRAIN® digital protocol or HART® digital protocol; Low Power analog 1 to 5 VDC with HART® digital protocol; or all digital FOUNDATION® Fieldbus or PROFIBUS® PA protocol.


International Certifications

Agency ApprovalsWith the rapid globalization of markets, numerous international standards and approvals are becoming necessary. Yokogawa pressure transmitters have acquired various international certifications including FM, CSA, ATEX, IECEx, INMETRO, KOSHA, EAC, and NEPSI.

Agency Approvals Marine Certificates Country Registration


ABS (American Bureau of Shipping)
Lloyd's Registry
Bureau Veritas
Det Norske Veritas
Nippon Kaiji Kyokai
Canadian CRN


The proven DPharp technology of the EJX630A increases plant availability with its advanced diagnostics and quicker resolution of maintenance issues through multiple communication options. Verified by independent third parties around the world, our transmitter provides superior reliability and performance.


Proven Technology

Less Downtime = Making Product

Starting with a clean sheet of paper, Yokogawa developed in the early 1990s a completely new pressure sensing technology - the DPharp sensor. Yokogawa made a large commitment of resources and money in its development. That dedication paid off, and by late 2016, there are over 11 million installed Yokogawa transmitters and calibrators worldwide using this technology. The DPharp sensor is a proven technology.




EJX530A FemaleGood Diagnostics = Fewer Surprises

Unlike traditional analog sensors, which are passive, the DPharp sensor is an active digital sensor. This means it is inherently safe and constantly supplying a signal even if there has been no change in process pressure. If the signal is lost, the transmitter’s self-diagnostics will alert you if there is an issue.

In addition, the transmitter features Back-check Technology (BCT) that reverse checks all calculations in real-time. These proven-over-time features improved reliability, resulting in fewer trips to the field and better process availability.


Independent Third Party Verification

Less Downtime = Making Product

The Yokogawa EJX-A pressure transmitter series' performance and reliability have been verified by independent third parties from around the world. From Safety System SIL rating to general performance evaluations, the EJX-A series has met or surpassed every test that it has been given.


Multiple Communication Options

Quicker Maintenance = Less Downtime

Save Time, Save Money. Yokogawa offers the FieldMate / LPS platform to help you communicate and track your pressure transmitters. FieldMate is a Windows-based communication suite that is installed on a standard PC, laptop, or tablet computer. It can assist you in managing your entire instrument inventory. FieldMate HHC is a traditional hand-held communicator that allows you to communicate with transmitters in the field. If you forget your HHC, the Local Parameter Setting (LPS) feature of your Yokogawa transmitter allows you to update nine parameters without the HHC.


Local Indicator

More Information = Found Money

Easy to read indicator provides all the information you need. The indicator can display any of the variables measured (DP, SP, Capsule temperature); alarm codes with short text; and a sweeping bar graph to give a graphical representation of the process. Fully programmable, the indicator is customizable for your needs. Unlike other suppliers' transmitters, the indicator is not driven off the 4 to 20mA analog signal, but, exist as a separate circuit allowing the display to operate independently from the output signal.


EJX630A Configurations


The EJX630A has a wide range of configurations available.


EJX630A Capsules








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Discover the safety features built-in to the Yokogawa digital pressure sensors (DPharp).

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