Multi Channel Oxygen Analyzer System ZR22/AV550G

The Multi Channel Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer System delivers accurate O2 and humidity measurements utilizing Yokogawa’s zirconia oxygen analyzers for combustion monitoring and control, helping industries achieve lowered CO2, SOX, and NOX emissions. The oxygen analyzer system provides minimized downtime and simplified maintenance with advanced diagnostics, an intuitive design and technician training, in addition to having the ability to connect up to eight probes to one analyzer.


The Multi Channel Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer System includes the AV550G converter and ZR22 detector and is capable of measuring oxygen concentration or humidity in non-combustion applications with a single analyzer. The system includes all of the features of the single channel system as well as additional functions such as averaging outputs and accessibility of all probes in one analyzer.

ZR22G/ZR22S Detector

The ZR22G separate-type detector is an in-situ probe that uses a high-reliability zirconia sensor. The zirconia cell and heater assembly can be replaced in the field, reducing maintenance costs. The ZR22S separate-type detector for explosion-proof applications is also available and offers the following explosion-proof certifications:

  • ATEX
  • FM
  • CSA

AV550G Multi Channel Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer

The AV550G averaging oxygen analyzer is ideal for combustion control in large utility boilers and industrial furnaces and features a 5.7-inch color LCD touch screen, “hot-swappable” channel cards to minimize downtime, and up to eight probe inputs. The AV550G can output the average oxygen concentration from a user-selected group of zirconia detectors, and detectors that are in alarm, calibration, or that are not in service, are automatically removed from the average output. This is especially useful when performing calibration or maintenance.


AV550   AV550



Accurate Maintenance Scheduling with Advanced Diagnostics

Predictive diagnostics from the analyzer simplify troubleshooting and provide technicians with the necessary data to create a minimal calibration schedule with the help of the smart calibration, asymmetry alarm, and trend graphing functions.

  • Smart calibration: uses historical calibration data to estimate when to perform the next calibration.
  • Asymmetry alarm: uses historical calibration data to determine possible measurement errors due to process condition changes.
  • Trend graphing: provides trend views and stacked trend views of oxygen concentrations.


Reduced Downtime with a Robust Cell Design

The probe's cell is designed with a large measurement surface area, making it less susceptible to contaminants, which allows for longer periods between cell replacements and calibrations.


Increased Measurement Availability with an Intuitive Design

The probe uses a long-life, high-reliability zirconia sensor and has an intuitive design that enables easy troubleshooting and repair in the field, minimizing downtime and reducing costs since technicians only need to replace the needed parts.


Increased Process Uptime with Customized Training Resources

Yokogawa’s knowledgeable representatives and support technicians provide operation and repair training for all Yokogawa products both in the factory and in the field. Training ranges from basic operation to advanced troubleshooting, helping you achieve more efficient operations and simplified maintenance.

Application Note

Tantalum Capacitors are electrolytic capacitors that use a material called tantalum for the electrodes. Large values of capacitance similar to aluminum electrolytic capacitors can be obtained.


In a hot blast stove, the by-product gas produced in a coke oven is burned to preheat the air blast for the blast furnace. To improve the combustion efficiency and conserve energy in a hot blast stove, it is essential to be able to control combustion by measuring and adjusting the oxygen concentration in the exhaust gases.

Meter Checks: Heater: 57-85Ω (typical is 62-67Ω) Typical failure is Open or shorted TC: if the probe is at room temperature -  less than 3Ω, in the stack and hot less than 100Ω (it is a type K Thermocouple) Typical failur...
Yokogawa has been making Zirconia Oxygen Analyzers for over 30 years. The older O2 probes and analyzers used a transistor temperature sensor. The newer units use a PT1000 RTD. We discontinued the ZO21D probe and both the AV8G and ZA8C analyzers over ...
You can use the password JAVAJAVA to get past the password screen. Make sure you go to the password menu change the password setting. 
The AV550 automatically turns off the power to the channel card when it is removed. You have to either cycle power to the whole unit, or use the channel card power.  To get to the channel card power menu hit the Setup Key (wrench). See below:&n...
The part number you see on the channel card circuit board is not the part number for the channel card. It is the part number for the circuit board before any parts are installed.  There are 2 versions on the channel card.  If you look at ...



    How to change a channel card on an AV550G without disturbing the other seven channels.


    Replacing a ZR22A heater strut on a ZR22G zirconia oxygen probe. While we strive to provide the most safe and accurate information possible, we are not responsible for any loss or damages resulting from attempting to replicate the acts conducted in this video. Furthermore, we shall not be held liable for use or misuse of information contained in this video.

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