Yokogawa offers a myriad of focused solutions that address customer's operational issues and improve accounting accuracy, asset and energy management, and optimize production and inventory management. 

  • Terminal Logistic Suite VP is an advanced software solution that performs applications of Truck Loading, Ship Loading/Unloading, Tank Car (Wagon) Loading, Inventory Management (Loss/Gain, Reconciliation, Result management), Masterdata Management, Security control and audit trail, and other Movements Operations (e.g., Pipeline Transfer). Terminal Automation System is designed and developed to meet the operational demands of main oil, fuel and chemical distribution terminals applicable to Oil Terminals, LNG Terminals, LPG Terminals and Petrochemical/Chemical Terminals.

  • Almost every company in the process business has the ability to create an economically efficient operations plan to balance supply and demand. Managing scheduled operations through a systematic business process supported by effective analytical tools is crucial to achieve the benefits of optimized operations planning.

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