Sushi Sensor

Industrial IoT is driving the growth of wireless sensors being deployed to digitize field data. There is tremendous innovation in this space, driven by technology convergences and advances in miniaturization.

Sushi Sensor is an OpreX™ Asset Management and Integrity brand wireless solution for the Industrial IoT. The first product XS770A can measure vibration and surface temperature to monitor machine or equipment conditions for industrial use. Since it complies with LoRaWAN™, which is a low-power wide-area (LPWA) network for long-distance communication, the XS770A can be deployed anywhere in a plant and cover a vast area. Also, it has environmental resistance features to support heavy-duty use (IP66/67, explosion-proof).

Monitoring and visualizing the condition of equipment utilizing Sushi Sensors is the first step to make the plant maintenance more efficient. Sushi Sensor will be a strong tool for reforming the plant maintenance works in combination with advanced analytics such as AI, machine learning in a cloud.

2019.5.22 At ARC Forum Europe 2019 in Barcelona, Spain, Yokogawa held a Sushi Sensor demo and delivered the presentation titled “ Digital Transformation Using LoRaWAN”.

2019.5.21 Yokogawa has released Sushi Sensor XS770A in Europe and opened the website.


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Sushi Sensor XS770A wallpaper for smartphone

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Sushi Sensor XS770A wallpaper for PC

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