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Users Group

The Yokogawa Users Group is a community of users joined together to share their experiences and expertise of Yokogawa's solutions as they help to address various automation needs. As members exchange information and voice their ideas, the group allows users to provide recommendations that influence future product development.

The Yokogawa Users Group for North America is governed by a 6-person users, 1-person Yokogawa manufacturing representative and 2-person Yokogawa Corporation of America steering committee. The users group steering committee directs the activities of a conference and exhibition, special interest group events, webinars, and forums to support the non-proprietary technical information exchange among the users and between users and Yokogawa. Ideas, techniques, applications, programs, hardware and systems are all topics within the scope of the exchange of information as well as topics related to process computer applications and enterprise management.

The Yokogawa Users Conference and Exhibition – North America is held periodically for users to network, share best practices, and learn about the latest innovations in technology. The conference sessions cover a wide range of subject matter including product use applications, workshops, panel sessions and industry and application sessions. An exhibition is also featured that showcases industry solutions and products from Yokogawa as well as partners and suppliers. Users are invited to attend the event for the opportunity to:

  • Learn about industry best practices and integrated solutions for a sustainable future
  • Discover ways to increase quality and efficiency and lower operating costs through proven methods and use of Yokogawa products
  • Network with fellow users, industry and business leaders, system integrators, representatives, and Yokogawa product and solution experts
  • Attend hands-on workshops and seminars to earn Professional Development Hours (PDH) certificates
  • Interact with many of Yokogawa's subject matter experts and value-added suppliers to see how these technologies and services fit into various business models
  • See the latest advances in Yokogawa products and solutions and learn more about these products, services, solutions and the future vision of the company
  • Participate in Yokogawa product and solutions workshops
  • Provide recommendations and help influence future product development

The Yokogawa Users Group organization is chartered to support the following mission:

"The establishment of a community of professionals working as a team to provide a learning environment in which to exchange information, recount experiences and express their needs between themselves and Yokogawa, with respect to issues of industrial control, automation and management in order to improve their business operations and increase profits."