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2009 Users Conference

Although the global economy and the H1N1 (swine) flu had caused stutters in the start-up of projects for customers and a slowdown in travel restrictions, it seemed inconceivable to Yokogawa Corporation of America (YCA) that the 2009 Technology Fair & Users Conference was in doubt. "We're the band," said Bruce Jensen, Manager, Systems Marketing & Sales Support and Co-Chairman of the Users Conference. "We play no matter what." Approximately 350 attendees and an 80's music band named The Spazmatics showed up to attend the conference held May 19-21 at the InterContinental Hotel in Houston, TX.

The General Session

The conference began with a General Session on Tuesday morning that featured a challenge from Terry Jones, Founder & former CEO of "Innovation will be the driver to get companies out of the economic slump," he said. "It is the fresh thinking that creates value." Jones also warned attendees of "the "Dopeler" Effect - the tendency of stupid ideas to sound smarter when they come at you rapidly" and the "Bozeone" Layer, "where middle management stops bright ideas from getting implemented."

Others speaking during the opening morning session included David Johnson, President & CEO; Matt Arcy, Chevron, and Steering Committee Chairman; and Bruce Jensen, General Manager, Systems Sales & Marketing. Johnson talked about the growth of Yokogawa outside of Japan and the success of some alternative marketing initiatives like the VP Van, the company's regional mobile demo unit. Jensen presented the annual Technology Innovation Award and the 2008 Best Presentation Award.

The second day of the conference began in a short general session. Jensen presented Yokogawa's technology roadmaps. David Lassiter of Microsoft showed his company's vision of the plant of the future. Mark Peters, publisher of Hydrocarbon Processing magazine, informed attendees of the HPI (Hydrocarbon Processing Industry) report.

The Users Conference

The Users Conference was a 2½ event held away from the hustle and bustle of the Technology Fair and the hotel's traffic flow. The conference featured six technical session groups separated into five tracks and identified as workshop sessions, presentation sessions and tutorial sessions. Topics ranged from alarm management to upstream solutions and wireless management.

More Information

For more information on this or other Yokogawa Corporation of America Technology Fair & Users Conferences, please contact us at

Keynotes/General Session Presentations

Introduction - Matt Arcy - Chevron Welcome - Constantine Lau - Yokogawa Keynote - Terry Jones Industry Outlook - Mark Peters - Hydrocarbon Processing
Introduction PDF Icon
Matt Arcy,
Welcome PDF Icon
Constantine Lau,
Keynote PDF Icon
Terry Jones
Industry Outlook PDF Icon
Mark Peters,
Hydrocarbon Processing
Technology Award - Bruce Jensen - Yokogawa      
Technology Award PDF Icon
Bruce Jensen,


Seminar Presentations

Practical Guide to Ethernet IP Maximizing the Value of FieldMate Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometer  
Practical Guide to Ethernet IP PDF Icon
Mark Cureton,
Maximizing the Value of FieldMate PDF Icon
Chris Schneider,
Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometer PDF Icon
Don Wyatt,