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Vortex Flow Meters

Yokogawa released the world's first vortex flow meter in 1979. Thanks to its long-term stability and high accuracy, our customers have achieved significant improvements in productivity over the past thirty years. In response to ever changing market needs, Yokogawa has gone on to release high temperature, cryogenic, dual-sensor, reduced bore, and fieldbus communication versions of this product.

Recently we have been contributing in our customers' energy-saving activities by proposing superior steam flow measurement solutions, for which our vortex flowmeters are ideally suited. We endeavor to develop products that satisfy our customers' requirements and meet market needs in a timely manner.

digitalYEWFLO (DY)

Vortex flow meters combine the field proven sensor and body assembly used in more than 300,000 units worldwide with unique digital electronics including SSP technology.

digitalYEWFLO (DY-RB)

The Combined use of the digitalYEWFLO Vortex Flow Meter reduced bore and multi-variable types can reduce costs and improve safety in steam process applications that necessitate seasonal adjustments.

digitalYEWFLO Multivariable (DY-MV)

The world's first two-wire Multi-variable Type (with built-in temperature sensor) can directly output the mass flow rate of saturated steam.


For high temperature or cryogenic flow measurement.

The long term reliability of the digitalYEWFLO series also extends to the High Process Temperature and Cryogenic models.
With the High Process Temperature model, process fluids with temperatures as high as 450 degrees C can be accurately measured, this is ideal for your high temperature superheated and saturated steam applications.

The Cryogenic model can measure processes at temperatures down as low as -196 degrees C, ideal for low temperature applications such as liquid oxygen.

digitalYEWFLO (DY-FF)

Yokogawa's proprietary filter (SSP) for digital signal processing analyzes vortex signals and automatically selects the optimum settings for the best possible measurement.

FlowNavigator Software

FlowNavigator (FSA120) is a unique software tool that helps you get the most out of the EJX910A / EJX930A Multivariable Transmitter by supporting the configuration of the discharge coefficient, primary device bore, upstream internal pipe diameter, gas expansion factor, density, and viscosity data needed to perform full compensation and dynamic calculation of the mass flow. It also helps you get the most out of the digitalYEWFLO Vortex Flowmeter for FOUNDATION fieldbus protocol by supporting AR block configuration of the density data. This powerful configuration tool has dialog windows that walk you through the entire configuration process.