Steam Methane Reformer for Methanol Production

Yokogawa’s enhanced, progressive controls drive a methane plant’s operations to its most profitable running conditions, increasing plant efficiency and profitability.

Steam Methanol factory exampleThere are many disturbances that can affect efficiency and stability at a modern methane plant. For example, changes in a primary reformer operation can affect methane leakage into the synthesis loop, which in turn requires changes in purge rate to hold loop pressure or inert levels at the desired value. Certain energy efficiency methods also have the potential to cause disturbances throughout the entire plant.


The impact of various disturbances can be managed with a control strategy that focuses on these primary objectives:

  • Maintain steam to carbon ratio.
  • Steam deficiency can reduce hydrogen output and cause excessive coking, which increases downtime.
  • Excessive steam leads to reduced efficiency and higher operating costs.


Yokogawa verifies natural gas composition with the Coriolis flowmeter – ROTAMASS TI and Vortex steam measurements. These advanced solutions help users avoid potential shutdowns and improve energy and steam operating costs.

Improve uptime with better S/C ratio control

Steam Methane Reformer

  1. Vessel Level - With better S/C ratio control, you can reduce the risk of running your process too lean and potentially depositing carbon on the catalyst, leading to downtime. Additionally, avoiding excess steam feed leads to better efficiency and cost savings.
  2. Steam Measurement – Using a Vortex meter for steam measurement, provides a more accurate reading and ensures the steam has the correct ratio before entering the purification vessel.
  3. Flow Measurement - Coriolis flowmeters are used to measure the mass of hydrocarbon gas feed and assume an average carbon content. This flow metering technology is inherently more immune to composition changes than traditional volumetric flow meters. Consequently, changing the feed composition will have less of an impact, allowing for a more efficient operation.

Supporting Instruments

ROTAMASS Supreme Coriolis Flowmeter

ROTAMASS Supreme Coriolis Flowmeter

  • Unique “box-in-box” design and Smart Power  Management provide superior reliability under harsh  environmental and process conditions
  • Tube Health Check function for meter verification without disturbing process measurements
  • NTEP – Custody Transfer
  • Changes in fluid composition and fluid properties do not affect accuracy
  • No flow conditioning or straight runs required
  • Multiple variables (Q, Density, T) available in one device
  • Measures liquids, gases, or liquid-solid mixtures
  • No moving part –  Low cost of ownership, meter stability
Vortex Flowmeter

Vortex Flowmeter

  • Ideal for high temperature, superheated, and saturated steam applications
  • Remote electronics housing.
  • Advanced self-diagnostics
  • Replaceable shedder bar
  • High safety
  • Spectral Signal Processing (SSP) function provides optimum and stable measurement
  • Reduced Bore and High-Temperature models available
  • Adaptive Noise Suppression (ANS) to provide a higher signal to noise ratio and eliminate the need for startup adjustment



  • Power

    In the mid 1970s, Yokogawa entered the power business with the release of the EBS Electric Control System. Since then, Yokogawa has steadfastly continued with the development of our technologies and capabilities for providing the best services and solutions to our customers worldwide.

    Yokogawa has operated the global power solutions network to play a more active role in the dynamic global power market. This has allowed closer teamwork within Yokogawa, bringing together our global resources and industry know-how. Yokogawa's power industry experts work together to bring each customer the solution that best suits their sophisticated requirements.

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  • Refining

    In the ever-changing marketplace, refineries are seen not only as crude processing units but also as profit centers. At the same time, there is a keen awareness of the need for safety at such facilities. A total production solution that encompasses planning, scheduling, management, and control is required to achieve long-term goals for profitability, efficiency, and environmental protection. With years of expertise in the automation field, Yokogawa can bring you affordable total solutions for improved operability and a cleaner world.

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