AMS2750E Compliance for Heat Treatment

Recording, Reporting, and Thermal Control Solutions

AMS2750E-Compliant Heat Treatment

Heat TreatmentAerospace Material Specification AMS2750, rev E defines the requirements for thermal processing equipment used in metal heat treatment applications. It covers temperature sensors, control and recording instrumentation, system accuracy tests, and temperature uniformity surveys.

Shops that adhere to the standard can confidently heat treat components used in a wide range of aerospace, transportation, and other industries that demand traceable quality procedures for heat treatment.

Yokogawa provides a range of recording, reporting, and control solutions for the heat treatment industry that meet the requirements of AMS2750E. Our products provide highly reliable and accurate measurement, electronic recording and control of heat treatment processes in batch and continuous process operations. Fully custom thermal control and recipe management systems are also available.

Yokogawa paperless electronic recording systems also perform temperature uniformity survey (TUS) work and reporting. Our electronic recording instruments provide far greater recording accuracy and much faster operator access to historical data than paper recorders. Standard network connectivity supports a host of convenience features such as web browser data monitoring, file transfers, and email messaging. Optional TUS reporting software produces custom survey reports from the secure data files saved by these instruments.

This document will explain how these products comply with the accuracy and temperature uniformity requirements of AMS2750E and it will help you select the best solution for your heat treat application.

Meeting & Proving AMS2750E Accuracy Requirements

Yokogawa DXAdvanced DX series and SMARTDAC+ GX/ GP series data acquisition stations meet the measurement accuracy requirements stated in AMS2750E Table 3 for Field Test Instruments. When these models are specified for TUS work and for Nadcap auditing purposes, a calibration certificate and AMS2750E thermocouple accuracy certificate should be ordered with the equipment to prove accuracy.

Instrument Calibration:

The calibration certificate validates the instrument measurement calibration for all supported measurement ranges. NIST and ISO 17025 calibration certificates are available. All calibration work is performed in Yokogawa's Newnan, GA ISO 17025-accredited calibration lab. AMS2750E requires a three month calibration interval for Field Test Instruments. Equipment can be returned to Yokogawa for this purpose or it can be performed by a local accredited calibration lab.

 GX90 series I/O modules
GX90 series I/O modules are removable to allow for easy wiring changes and routine calibration checks.

Calibration Certificate Sample Data:

Yokogawa Corporation of America
Calibration Laboratory Data Sheet

Customer: YOKOGAWA Test Result: PASS
Model No. : GP20/GX90XA Data Status: FOUND/LEFT
Serial No. : S5P601228/S5PC05118 Temperature: 23.2°C
Description: RECORDER Relative Humidity: 40%
Date Tested: 1/16/15 Procedure Used: DS_GP10
Date Due: Standard/s Used: 2113901
200mV -200.00mV -200.02 ±0.13 0.01159
0.00mV 0.00 ±0.03 0.00659
+200.00mV 200.04 ±0.13 0.01277
1V -1.0000V -1.0001 ±0.0017 0.06631
0.0000V 0.0000 ±0.0012 0.06533
+1.0000V 1.0002 ±0.0017 0.09754
Type T 0.0V Input Ext RJC 0.0 0°C ±0.5 N/A
Type K 0.0V Input Ext RJC 0.0 0°C ±0.7  

AMS2750E Thermocouple Accuracy Certificate:

To prove thermocouple measurement accuracy for a specific TUS thermocouple type, span and temperature set points, an AMS2750E accuracy certificate can be provided. AMS2750E thermocouple accuracy certificate indicates actual measured performance of set point temperature values input by a precision calibration instrument, using the same thermocouple type and units used in the customer's application. Thermocouple type, units and range must be supplied with the order to obtain this certificate.    

AMS2750E thermocouple accuracy certificate using customer-supplied thermocouple type and test points:

Type K Thermocouple Accuracy Certification
Date: 1/16/2015 Calibration Inst. Fluke 5522A
Calibration Engineer: Jeff Ayers Instrument S/N: 2113901
Ambient Temp: 23.2°C  
Relative Humidity: 40%
Hardware Type Input Module
Model S/N Type S/N
GP20 S5P601228 GX90XA S5PC05118


Reference Temp. Observed Observed Error Max Allowed Error In Spec?
°F Temp °F 1°F Yes/No
200 200.4 0.4 1 Yes
400 400.4 0.4 1 Yes
600 600.4 0.4 1 Yes
800 800.5 0.5 1 Yes
1000 1000.6 0.6 1 Yes
1200 1200.6 0.6 1 Yes
1400 1400.6 0.6 1 Yes

Calibration Correction

DXAdvanced and GX/GP models provide a post-measurement calibration correction function that allows thermocouple sensor and measurement errors to be zeroed across multiple temperature points. This function uses the thermocouple (TC) correction factors supplied by the TC wire manufacturer and the observed DX or GX measurement error from the thermocouple accuracy certificate to precisely correct the measured value. When these models are used for TUS work, the Yokogawa TUS Report software will separately show TC and recorder correction factors, and allow either corrected or non-corrected data to be used in the report calculations.

Calibration Certificate Ordering Information

The following model codes are used to order calibration certificates and AMS2750E test data reports for new DX, GX and GP models in these popular channel configurations:

Includes certificate and test data

Model Code

M1223UE-A-10 DX; 6, 10 or 12 channel NIST calibration
M1223UE-A-19 DX; 20 channel NIST calibration
M1223UE-A-12 GX; 10 channel NIST calibration
M1223UE-A-21 GX; 20 channel NIST calibration
M1223UE-A-13 GP; 10 channel NIST calibration
M1223UE-A-22 GP; 20 channel NIST calibration
Includes certificate and "as found/as left" test data
M1223UE-A-58 DX; 6, 10 or 12 channel ISO17025 calibration
M1223UE-A-67 DX; 20 channel ISO17025 calibration
M1223UE-A-60 GX; 10 channel ISO17025 calibration
M1223UE-A-69 GX; 20 channel ISO17025 calibration
M1223UE-A-61 GP; 10 channel ISO17025 calibration
M1223UE-A-70 GP; 20 channel ISO17025 calibration
AMS2750E Thermocouple
Accuracy Certificate
M1223UE-A-82 AMS2750E thermocouple accuracy certificate

Ordering Instructions & Notes

1.This certificate must be ordered with a NIST level B or ISO
17025 calibration certificate; sold as a separate item
2.Specify thermocouple type
3.Specify temperature span and units (i.e. 0-1000 °F)
4.Ten temperature set points are included in the AMS2750E
Thermocouple Accuracy Certificate.

Sample order information:
M1223UE-A-82; AMS2750E thermocouple accuracy certificate;
type K thermocouple; 200-1100°F

Yokogawa Data Acquisition and Recording Systems

Yokogawa provides a range of highly reliable and secure electronic recording systems that are ideal for continuous and batch recording, as well as Temperature Uniformity Survey work. Panel mount and portable models are available and all include universal inputs that measure a wide range of thermocouple and RTD temperature sensor types, plus DCV, mA, and DI process inputs.

Data is securely saved in a proprietary binary file format to non-volatile flash memory and convenient Compact Flash, SD memory or USB media is used to transport these files to the PC environment for reporting.

All models include standard Ethernet connectivity that supports automatic file transfers to an FTP transfer, email messaging, web browser viewing and more. Connectivity to popular PLC systems is also supported via serial Modbus RTU or Ethernet via Modbus TCP or EtherNet/IP. PLC process values can be displayed and recorded, or DAQ system data can be sent to the PLC for control purposes.

Free software is included that supports system configuration, file viewing and printing, and file conversion to ASCII and Excel file formats.

Optional software is available for real-time data acquisition and temperature uniformity survey report generation. DX and GX series data acquisition stations feature an Advanced Security option that provides system access log-in, audit trail, and electronic signature functions. As standard, they provide batch recording and extensive text message entry functions that allow operators to apply useful text information to the saved data records.

Data Acquisition Stations

These all-in-one measurement, display, and electronic recording systems are the ideal upgrade solution for a fully AMS2750E- compliant batch or continuous process recording system. The Yokogawa SMARTDAC+ GX and GP series touchscreen operator interface allows operators to closely watch and react to process conditions and quickly review trend history data. They can also input batch information, descriptive text messages, and with the Advanced Security option, review and electronically sign batch records.  

Free software is provided for analysis, reporting and printing of the secure, tamper-proof data records. Custom reports in PDF or Excel file formats that supplement primary data recording functions are supported, and optional data acquisition and reporting software with automatic printing is also available. SMARTDAC+ models also feature scalable, modular rear panel I/O for easy channel expansion, and include standard Ethernet connectivity with real-time web browser monitoring. Panel mount GX series models:

GX10- 5.7" display with up to 30 rear panel inputs
GX20- 12.1" display with up to 100 input channels

Portable GP series models have a carry handle and plug-in power cord, and their portability makes them ideal for TUS work. Models are:

GP10- 5.7" display with up to 30 input channels
GP20- 12.1" display with up to 100 input channels

DXAdvanced data acquisition stations provide a traditional key-operated user interface and brilliant color display graphics. Panel mount models are:

DX1000- 5.5" display with up to 12 input channels
DX2000- 10.4" display with up to 48 input channels

Modular Data Acquisition

GM10SMARTDAC+ GM10 is a new fully modular I/O data logging platform that shares I/O modules and data logging functions with the GX/GP series. This system is DIN-rail or surface mount with scalable input capacity from 10 to 100 channels on a single system. A multi-unit configuration can support as many as 420 input channels in one system. GM10 is easily configured using a web browser that also supports real-time data monitoring. GM10 is the ideal data acquisition choice for monitoring and dat a logging applications that do not require an integral display and user interface.


Temperature Uniformity Survey Software

Yokogawa TUS software provides automated temperature uniformity report generation using the data files from the following products:

• DX1000/DX2000
• GX10/GX20/GP10/GP20

This time-saving software allows the user to specify the target survey temperature, limits, and uniformity period, and a host of other custom settings. It then reviews the target data file containing the temperature data and automatically calculates compliance with the assigned settings and limits. A pass or fail report is then generated that is ready for printing and submittal. Yokogawa Temperature Survey software can be ordered using model code M1286VB.

Yokogawa Temperature Survey software

Data Acquisition Software

GA10 SoftwareGA10 software is a low cost and easy to use data logging software that connects to a range of Yokogawa data acquisition and controller products. Users can collect and manage data from as many as 100 devices and up to 2000 input channels. Color trend, digital, and bar graph displays clearly show data from projects that can each have independent recording properties.



Temperature Controllers


Yokogawa UTAdvanced temperature controllers allow you to achieve tighter control precision, improved efficiency, and cost savings in a wide range of furnace and oven control applications from basic temperature control to carbon potential and furnace load control. Eight built in control modes and eight control types are provided, and ladder sequence control that performs the functions of a small PLC is available. Sequence and PID control functions can be performed simultaneously.

The bright and easy to read active color LCD display and easy to use operator interface allow operators to quickly interpret and change control parameters. Optional Ethernet interface with Modbus/TCP protocol allows for integration with data acquisition or data logging software systems, and also support remote setting changes.

Combined Control and Batch Recording

SMARTDAC+ and GXFor applications requiring temperature control and data recording, the SMARTDAC+ GX and UTAdvanced controllers can be integrated together to provide a seamless control & recording system. The full range of advanced capabilities and convenience features of both products are made available to support the application- precision control functions are handled by the UTAdvanced, and all display, operator interface, recording and network data access functions are handled by the GX. Modbus digital data communication between the controller and the GX minimizes wiring and ensures data accuracy. Custom display screens on the GX include controller faceplate view, tuning screen, digital and bar graph display, plus touch input of set point changes and pattern/profile selection.


Control Reader's Choice Award 2014
Control Reader's Choice Awards: Voted
best recorder 10 straight years in a row!
Control Design Award 2014
Control Design Reader's Choice Awards:
Voted best recorder 5 straight years in a

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