PH200, SC200, IC200, PH202, SC202, IC202, ISC202, PH402, SC402, DC402, IC402, ISC402, DO402, GD402 - forgot password

If you forget the password you have set in one of these transmitters there are only 9 passwords that can be set. 

The password setting on the unit is a little difficult to understand. When you put a 3 digit code in service code 52 you are setting up 3 passwords, not just 1. The first digit is for the maintenance mode (calibration) The second digit is for the commissioning mode (when you hit the * key) The third digit is for the service menu (when you hit yes on the SERV menu under commissioning). 

Here are the password options: 

1 = 111
2 = 333
3 = 777
4 = 888
5 = 123
6 = 957
7 = 331
8 = 546
9 = 847 

So, and example:

if you setup a password of 1.2.3:

  • To calibrate you would have to enter 111 
  • When you hit the * key the password would be 333
  • To access the SERV menu the password would be 777

There are no bypass passwords, these are the only passwords available for the unit.

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