Is it possible to use FN310 with YFGW410/510 and YFGW710 or GX20W? Is there any limitation for use of FN310 with YFGW710 or GX20W

No limitations exists.

FN310 can be used in R2 (YFGW410/510) system and R1 (YFGW710 or GX20W) system.

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FN310 Field Wireless Multi-Protocol Module

Field Wireless Multi-Protocol Module with Field Wireless Communication Module FN110 is connectable with a field wireless network as a field wireless device. This product acquires sensor data from a connected sensor and transmits it to a field wireless network through FN110. 

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The flexibility of wireless solutions enables less investment in infrastructure while providing greater insights into plant operations.

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Yokogawa supports a wide variety of Fieldbus technologies, including conventional 4-20mA, wired digital networks, and wireless ISA100.11a.