Distributed Control Systems - Why migrate?

Don't gamble with your plant's legacy DCS system. Contact us to help you plan and implement a safe, cost effective DCS migration that creates new value for your business.

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A process manufacturing plant operates with hundreds or thousands of field instruments, valves and operator interfaces that all need to work together efficiently and reliably. At the heart of it all is the Distributed Control System or DCS. A DCS connects a wide assortment of instruments, actuators and field instruments into a unified automated control platform. Without interruption a DCS must perform reliably 24 hours a day for years at a time. Any unexpected downtime can quickly turn into lost revenue, lost profit or even a safety incident. In spite of this many plants are operating outdated or un-secure control systems. Since the typical life cycle of a plant is very long, many maintain the mentality "if it ain’t broke don’t fix it". But what are the consequences of no action? Over time the risk of degrading hardware, parts availability, support and operating inefficiencies creep up. Just like your mobile phone, old models are hard to maintain, while new platforms allow for new applications, improvements in productivity and communities for support. Some plants view migration as driven by necessity, while others recognize it as and opportunity to take advantage of advances in technology. Migration also brings improved modularity in open platforms, stronger cyber security face modern problems and more flexible operator interfaces. Since inventing the DCS, Yokogawa has help thousands of plants globally with migration projects, offering expert consulting and flexible services to meet your unique needs. From stepwise migration to third-party rip and replace projects, Yokogawa project execution and automation systems consistently deliver the industry's most reliable, least risk solution. Don't gamble with your plants legacy DCS system. Contact us to help you plan and implement a safe, cost-effective DCS migration that creates new value for your business.  

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