YHC5150X HART FieldMate Handheld Communicator

The YHC5150X Fieldmate Handheld Communicator is Yokogawa's latest addition to our product line of calibrators and communicators. Having ATEX (intrinsically safe) approval, the YHC5150X directly reads Device Descriptions without any translations or subscriptions, enabling communication to take place with any registered or unregistered HART® device... ensuring your HART® transmitter will connect, regardless of brand or model. The YHC5150X is built on the SDC-625 infrastructure and runs Windows CE. With a 1 GHz processor and a 4GHMicro SD card, the communicator is ideal for all your data storage needs.


Communication......One of the most important behaviors in a successful business. Within every industry the communication between smart devices allows the smooth operation and continuous flow of production. These devices consist of pressure transmitters, flow meters, valves, and other industrial equipment. Configuring and commissioning each of these devices correctly, insures high productivity, accurate measurement, and reduces downtime.

Meet the new FieldMate Handheld Communicator, YHC5150X. Yokogawa's first DD direct Intrinsically Safe handheld HART communicator. Your key to unlocking the communication potential within your devices.

The YHC5150X reads manufacturers Device Descriptors in their native language, eliminating download subscription fees and reducing setup time in new devices. It communicates with any registered or un-registered HART device, including HART 6 and Hart 7. Its ergonomic features make it easy to hold and the full qwerty keyboard makes commissioning a device...simple.

The YHC5150X has a large 4.3 inch anti-glare touchscreen with color graphics. The operation of the unit allows the user to use the navigation buttons, keyboard, or touch screen to configure and commission a device. Setting up a new device just got......EASY.

The YHC5150X also allows the user to store configurations as "As Found" or "As Left" , for documenting purposes. In addition, the files can be transferred to multiple devices to reduce setup times.

The touchscreen can be used by the touch of your finger and no stylist is required. However, the sensitivity of the touchscreen allows even a business card or pencil eraser to be used to navigate and make selections. With its large anti-glare screen, operators can even use the YHC5150X in bright sunlight and with gloves when cold outside temperatures or hazardous conditions may exist.

The Yokogawa FieldMate Handheld communicator configures, polls, and trims all HART field devices insuring the products in your facility are commissioned correctly. In addition, the YHC5150X works with calibration equipment such as the CA700 pressure calibrator to perform verification trim functions as required.

Along with the expected display data points, the YHC5150X enhanced display provides functional icons and user defined icons to allow the user to access parameter items quickly. A menu path, located at the bottom of the display, allows the user to see their location in the HART menu tree and provides a method to easily return to any desire selection without continuously pressing the "Back" button.

The YHC5150X also comes with a charging cradle to re-charge the battery when not in use. The cradle allows the unit to be updated with enhanced software, firmware, and newly released DD files using the subscription-FREE program and web portal. An added function of quickly updating a single DD file, allows the user to add the DD file acquired from another source or from another manufacturer.

The YHC5150X works with the Yokogawa Versatile Device Management Wizard, FieldMate Advanced, allowing configurations to be downloaded from the communicator into the FieldMate database software. The advanced DTM software provides the user with a complete visible record of each field within the saved configuration and saves the file offline.

In every industry and every process, communication is vital. Correctly configuring and commissioning your control devices will insure your process is accurately measuring and displaying your process. Put your trust in a product that is not only built on experience, but is also built on quality and reliability. The FieldMate Handheld Communicator, YHC5150X.......Making is EASY!

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