Annual Safety in Ammonia Plants and Related Facilities Symposium (AICHE) 2019

Dates: Sep 8 - 12, 2019
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Venue: Hyatt Regency San Francisco

As the most prevalent DCS and SIS provider to Ammonia producers in both North America and globally, Yokogawa has co-innovated numerous solutions to enhance safety.  Historically, however, manufacturers invest most CAPEX on improving profitability. And as a rapidly expanding priority, environmental concerns have never been more pronounced.

Can we achieve improved safety, increased profitability (process uptime, production efficiency, operator performance), and decreased emissions simultaneously?

Please stop by our booth at this year's AIChE Ammonia Safety Conference, and let us show you several novel solutions that deliver all three:

  1. Utilizing 3-tiered ammonia pipeline leak detection:
    • Safety - Minimizes risk to your employees, assets, and neighbors.
    • Profitabillity - Maximizes operational uptime.
    • Environment - Lowers the impact / likehood of an environmentally damaging release.
  2. Applying Yokogawa's CombustionONE-Core Suite on SMR's, aux boilers, and nitric acid units - following the guidance defined in API 556 for heaters and furnaces:
    • Safety - Eliminates the accidental combustion risks and slow loop response to dangerous conditions associated with zirconium oxide probes located in your stack.
    • Profitability - Using our proven tunable diode laser technology in or very close to the radiant section of your fired asset, CombustionONE allows you to safely burn fuel much closer to the stoichiometric limits, which decreases fuel consumption while maximizing production throughput. And smoothing of combustion across all burners means stabilizing the coil outlet temperature, which maximizes run-time between catalyst changes and minimizes the likelihood of trips.
    • Environment - Near perfect combustion reduces NOx, CO, and CO2 / ton of production.
  3. Implementing Yokogawa's CombustionONE - Complementary Suite for energy and operational efficiency:
    • Safety - Decreases the likelihood of operator error during startup, shutdown, and critical conditions.
    • Profitability - Leveraging our procedural automation toolset, CombustionONE features shorter SMR startups and shutdowns. And our energy optimization capabilities can encompass all producing and consuming assets across your entire plant (particularly for locations that co-generate).
    • Environment - For most producers, the greatest emissions occur during non-steady state conditions. CombustionONE gets you to steady state faster, and when possible, uses the most effiencient assets.
  4. Training operators and other personnel for real-world scenarios using life-like simulation:
    • Safety - Prevents operator errors by training and testing their performance... in a safe, simulated environment. For engineers, before putting anything in service, a simulator also allows testing and troubleshooting in this same environment.
    • Profitability - "Practice make perfect" defines why a simulator makes sense. And now this doesn't stop with the operators, as producers can ensure real-time easily visible synchronicity between C-Level priorities and plant operations.
    • Environment - Training and testing for operators ensures they run all assets to the peak of performance, decreasing emissions. This will also serve as a testbed for prove future environmentally-focused solutions.

Join us September 8 at the AIChE Conference to discuss what Yokogawa can do for you.

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