Annual Safety in Ammonia Plants and Related Facilities Symposium (AICHE) 2019

Dates: Sep 8-12, 2019
Location: San Francisco, CA
Venue: Hyatt Regency San Francisco

As the most prevalent DCS and SIS provider to Ammonia producers in both North America and globally, Yokogawa has co-innovated numerous solutions to enhance safety.  Several notable applications include:

  • Utilizing 3-tiered ammonia pipeline leak detection
  • Applying tunable diode lasers to measure near real-time reformer O2 and CO
  • Applying tunable diode lasers for Ammonia slip
  • Automating reformer startup and shutdown procedures
  • Training operators for all real-world scenarios using life-like simulation
  • Implementing ‘pair and spare’ safety instrumented systems for SIL 3 applications, going beyond the outdated triple modular redundancy architecture
  • Clearly depicting overrides and interlocks

Join us September 8 at the AIChE Conference to discuss what Yokogawa can do for you.

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