Fundamentals of Fabulous Flow Measurement

Dates: Oct 17, 2019

Fundamentals of Flow

Flow is one of the most common and crucial measurements in process automation. Whether it is measuring feed rates to control a reaction or providing accurate totals for custody transfer, selecting and sizing the right flow meter is an important task. But do you know the best technology for your application? This webinar will explore the fundaments of flow measurement technologies and how they stack up in different applications.

In this webinar we will:

  • Review the theory behind flow measurement technologies
  • Discuss common flow application challenges
  • Evaluate the different technologies when selecting a flow meter
  • Illustrate installation practices for successful measurements

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The ADMAG TI series AXG is ideal for industrial applications including oil & gas, chemical, and pulp & paper. With built-in diagnostics and exclusive PFA injection liner, the AXG provides ease of operation while reducing total cost of ownership.


The ADMAG AXR is the world's first two-wire magnetic flow meter which employs the fluid noise free "Dual Frequency Excitation Method," achieving excellent stability for instrumentation.


The ADMAG TI series AXW is ideal for general industrial applications including water supply and sewage. Sizes range from 1" to 72" and an assortment of lining materials are available.

Coriolis Flow Meters

ROTAMASS is the integral and remote type Coriolis Mass Flow Meter. Both types have highly refined digital signal processing electronics, so that accurate and stable mass flow measurement is achieved.

Flow Meters

Yokogawa's range of flow meter instruments include vortex, magnetic, variable area, Coriolis, and differential pressure flow meters.