Dates: Dec 8-10, 2019
Location: Washington, DC
Venue: Walter E. Washington Convention Center | Booth 300

In the Life Science field, Yokogawa has supported cutting-edge research for over two decades with its famous CSU confocal scanner unit. It is a de-facto standard for live cell imaging.   

CSU is Yokogawa's original technology, and 3000 units have been sold all over the world. The "CSU-W1 SoRa" is their new Life Science product. Just like the CSU, high-speed real time imaging can be performed with super-resolution, making CSU-W1 SoRa ideal for super-resolution live cell imaging.

Related Products & Solutions


CellPathfinder is designed for our HCA systems, CQ1 and the CellVoyager series. From beginners to experts, the analysis software lets you quantify subtle physiological changes and even label-free samples with various graph options.

High-Throughput Screening

CellVoyager CV8000 is the most advanced high-content screening system. The improved built-in incubator lets you analyze extended live cell responses. With its expandability, four cameras, five lasers and an optional built-in pipettor, the system permits increasingly complex assay development and high-content screening.

Life Science

Yokogawa’s high content analysis systems and dual spinning disk confocal technologies provide high-speed and high-resolution live cell imaging, enabling leading-edge research around the world.

Super Resolution

Super Resolution via Optical Re-assignment.

Wide Field of View

The CSU-W1 is our answer to researchers’ requests for “Wider FOV” and “Clearer Images”.