Improving Genome Editing Pipeline Efficiencies With Nanopipette Injection

Dates: Mar 28, 2023

Genome modification has become an essential part of most biotech’s research and development pipelines. Two general approaches are commonly used: electroporation of nuclease and nucleic acids i.e., Cas9 RNPs or transfection of vectors expressing nucleases, targeting nucleic acids and donor genetic material.

One of the major limitations of these approaches is that they take a long time to generate a usable clonal cell population. A major advantage of Yokogawa's Single Cellome™ Unit SU10 nanopipette injection system is the ability to efficiently genome edit cells at a single cell level, allowing the user to start with a clonal population and decreases cell line generation time to as fast as 3 weeks.

Key Topics:

  • The challenges associated with generating usable genome-modified clonal cell populations.
  • Ways to utilize nanopipette injection in a small biotech setting.

Related Industries

  • Pharmaceutical

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