Revolutionizing Live Cell Imaging: 3D Organoid Visualization Using Yokogawa's Dual-Spinning Disk with Microlens Confocal Imaging

Dates: Mar 22, 2023

22 March, 3:30 PM EST

A FREE-to-attend, open celebration of the latest 3D organoid research from around the globe! All talks will be online and in person at Qkine, Cambridge, U.K.

15-minute talks live and on-demand from some of the worlds leading organoid researchers. This event includes speakers from A (Auckland) to Z (Zurich), across organ model types and therapeutic areas. Hear and see the latest technologies making a real difference in discovery. A celebration of organoid research, accessible wherever you are!

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    Under continual pressure to increase profitability, maintain government compliance, and meet emerging market opportunities, the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry faces unique challenges that require unique solutions. As one of the world’s leading industrial automation suppliers, Yokogawa is poised and prepared to deliver those solutions, creating individualized lean manufacturing techniques that deliver consistent, measurable results.

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