SLAS2023 International Conference & Exhibition

Dates: Feb 25 - Mar 1, 2023
Location: San Diego, CA
Venue: San Diego Convention Center | Booth 904

We invite you to join the Yokogawa Life Science team at SLAS 2023 at booth #904. Discover how the Yokogawa CQ1 and BioAssemblyBot 400 can automate high-content analysis. Stop by our booth for an in-person demo of the Yokogawa CQ1 analysis system to see how high-content confocal imaging integrates with your laboratory automation.

Related Industries

  • Pharmaceutical

    Under continual pressure to increase profitability, maintain government compliance, and meet emerging market opportunities, the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry faces unique challenges that require unique solutions. As one of the world’s leading industrial automation suppliers, Yokogawa is poised and prepared to deliver those solutions, creating individualized lean manufacturing techniques that deliver consistent, measurable results.

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Related Products & Solutions

  • CellPathfinder

    Cell imaging software supports label-free samples and provides multiple graphing options with a streamlined, easy-to-use interface.

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  • Life Science

    • Yokogawa life science products 
    • High content analysis systems
    • Dual spinning disk confocal technologies
    • High-speed, high-resolution live-cell imaging
    • Enabling cutting-edge research 
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  • Nano-point Delivery

    This system component automates the penetration and injection of single cells using a nanopipette. It's low invasiveness enables manipulation of live single cells. The system integrates with multiple manufacturers' inverted microscopes.

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  • Single Cellome™ System SS2000

    The SS2000 is a system that automatically samples specific regions of cells or whole cells at the single-cell level while imaging cells in culture with a confocal microscope. Because cells in culture do not need to be detached, positional and morphological information is maintained.

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