Yokogawa enhances lean manufacturing and improved food and drug safety with release of new hygienic and sanitary pressure transmitters in North America

Houston, Texas – September 25, 2020

New devices deliver superior compliance and measurement performance for food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries

Yokogawa announces the release of its EJA565E/EJA564E series of pressure transmitters with 3-A certification as new models in the OpreX™ Field Instruments lineup. This makes them ideal for pressure and level measurements in hygienic and sanitary applications of the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Now more than ever, food & beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers are required to meet increasingly stringent needs of production quality standards. Furthermore, shifting market demand and supply chain volatility requires manufacturers to have highly adaptive and flexible manufacturing capacity that can retain the highest levels of product quality and regulatory compliance.

Yokogawa’s EJA565E/EJA564E series of hygienic and sanitary transmitters has been specifically engineered to provide the performance and certifications required for these growing and dynamic industries. With a highly polished stainless-steel housing, these transmitters meet 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. (SSI) requirements for 3-A certification. The unique active temperature compensation design locates a temperature sensor directly behind the flush isolating diaphragm to quickly react to changing process conditions. This provides a robust, stable measurement to help ensure quality and safety. With a comprehensive selection of process connections to fit any application, manufacturers can standardize on the EJA565E/EJA564E to simplify equipment needs and reduce their inventory costs, while ensuring regulatory compliance.


“We believe that it’s Yokogawa’s responsibility to focus on the advancement of industry and technology, and how we can contribute to the realization of a better society.” says Tom Quinlan, vice president of Yokogawa Corporation of America. “The release of the EJA565E/EJA564E series demonstrates Yokogawa’s commitment to build a healthier society in the pursuit of well-being.”

Further information on Yokogawa’s hygienic and sanitary transmitters can be found at https://ykgw.co/32Xwcfn or via a local Yokogawa authorized representative. Contact Yokogawa today to talk to our experts about how to standardize on the EJA565E/EJA564E series.

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