Multiple I/O Unit M1115NL
Notice: This product was discontinued on Jun 1, 2018.

The wireless I/O radio deliver the highest I/O count per device, providing secure, reliable wireless communications and supporting true mesh networking capabilities. It acts as a gateway, access point/repeater, and I/O device.

The new DAWN Wireless platform follows our industry standard wireless devices as the first peer to peer wireless devices for industrial use. The DAWN Wireless products take advantage of a more powerful CPU, providing true mesh networking with over-the air configuration and firmware upgrade ability. Mesh networking allows for self organizing and self-healing (redundancy). Each module can handle discrete, analog, and pulse inputs and outputs while providing on-board Ethernet, in addition to an RS232 and RS-485 port with Modbus support. These advanced features are housedin an attractive, yet rugged Din-rail package with easy-to install mounting.


  • 900 MHz radio @ 1 watt transmit strength - distance and reliability
  • Mesh network for self-organizing & self healing - quick install
  • 8 discrete I/0 -configurable for one-site requirements
  • 4 analog inputs -economical, yet scalable
  • 1 isolated analog output -for local control/annunciation
  • +24V analog loop supply -device provides supply to transmitters
  • Serial expansion modules -expand I/O as application demands
  • Ethernet port - quick connectivity to Ethernet network
  • On-board RS-232 port -serial communications
  • On-board RS485 with Modbus support
  • USB port for easy local configuration
  • Fail safe mode -determine-state if communications are lost
  • Smart power 15-30Vdcor lead acid battery is standard
  • Power conservation option -sleep mode option to save battery
  • Protocol support - act as Modbus master/Modbus slave
  • Industrial grades ecurity with AES (128) encryption
  • On board memory for store and forward data - flash optional
  • Device and network diagnostics
  • 2 year warranty


Temperature: -40 to 140 °F (-40 to 60 °C),0 - 99 %RH
Ethernet: 30 to 140 °F (0 to 60 °C), 0 - 95 %RH
EMC FCC Part 15 AS3548
Housing - plastic enclosure with DIN rail mounting proving options for up to 20 I/O and separate power communications connectors. The enclosure measures 170 x 150 x 33 mm including connectors. The antenna protrudes from the top Terminal Blocks: removable; Max 12 gauge

Power Supply

Battery supply 11.5-15.0 VDC
Normal supply 15-30 VDC, over voltage and reverse power-protected

Battery charging circuit for a 12V SLA battery and a separate terminal to provide +12V power to serial (S2) I/O modules. Up to 1 Amp will be available for battery charging, and up to 2Amps to supply for serial I/O modules. Power is also available for +24 V analog loop power to drive loop powered transmitters.

Inputs and Outputs

Discrete: 8 I/O points individually configurable to inputs or outputs. Suitable for voltage-free contacts on NPN transistor, contact wetting current 5mA, "debounce" delay configurable 0.1-8 sec. When configured as outputs, the communications fail state can be set On or Off.

Analog: 4 analog inputs (2 single ended + 2 differential), and can operate as voltage inputs or current inputs. A loop powered analog output (4-20mA) with 1500 volts of isolation with resolution of 12 bit 0.1% accuracy

Pulse inputs use the discrete channels. Max pulse rate is100Hz, pulse width minimum 5mSec. Pulse outputs if a FET30Vdc 500mA max at 100Hz

Radio Transceiver

Frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)
  USA/Canada    902-928 MHz
  Australia          915-928 MHz
  New Zealand     921-928 MHz
Approved to FCC Part 15.247, RS210
Transmit power 1 watt
Line-of-sight range, dependent on local conditions
  USA/Canada, 4W ERP, 20 miles
  Australia/NZ, 1W ERP, 20 km
Typical range in industrial/factories 3000 feet (1 km), Range may be extended by using repeater units. Antenna connector is SMA coaxial.


RS232/RS485 9600 baud, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bitRS232 9 pin DB9 male connectorRS485 terminal connector, max distance 4000\'Ethernet standard 10/100 baseT: RJ45 IEEE 802.3

Area Approval

CSA Class 1 Div 2 Groups A, B, C, D. Temp code T6(pending).

Specifications subject to change without notice

Low Power Standby

The DAWN Wireless family provides facility to go to a low power standby mode to support low power operation by occasionally waking up and communicating at pre-arranged time. Each module can also be set to automatically go to low power shut-down mode in case power is lost. In this mode the real time clock is maintained for approximately 24 hours.

Data Storage Memory Option

Logging of data can be provided, either on communication failure, or every change-of-state. Logged data may be retrieved locally via USB port and also available for download over the radio network.



Plant consists of numerous outfall meter locations. These remote locations need to be monitored and the flow signals brought into the DCS system. There is AC power available at each site but currently no way to bring back analog signals along the existing infrastructure. Each location will have a Yokogawa AXF Magnetic Flow meter installed. The (4) sites current listed below will need to be connected to the Suwanee River Chemical Plant. There will be more sites added in the future.

Application Note

The site consists of (10) remote wells with one central location that will collect all the data and have it available via Modbus TCP into the plant's DCS. Each well site has (1) 4-20 madc input from a flow meter, along with (1) DO signal to start the pump and (1) DI to read back the pump status. There is AC power available at each site. A path study was done before based on the GPS coordinates given for each site.


As wireless technologies expand farther into industrial automation and process manufacturing, organizations across the world are adopting and implementing wireless solutions to provide unique identifiers, along with the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-machine interaction.


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