Verabar Averaging Pitot Tubes

The Most Accurate and Reliable Technology for Measuring Gas, Liquid, and Steam

VERIS Verabar flow sensors combined with Yokogawa differential pressure transmitters provide the most reliable and accurate DP flow measurement solution on the market.

Developed from aerospace technology, the Verabar averaging pitot flow sensor provides unsurpassed accuracy and reliability. With its solid one-piece construction and bullet shape, the Verabar makes flow measurement clog-free and precise.

  • Co-brand Valve Manifolds WIKA

    The German WIKA group is a worldwide leader in pressure and temperature measurement as well as for high quality valves and manifolds.
    With manufacturing locations around the globe, WIKA ensures flexibility and the highest delivery performance.

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  • Regular Models

    • VERIS Verabar® regular model averaging pitot tubes
    • Best-valued models
    • V100 & V110 Compression Fitting, V150 Spring Lock Threaded Components
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  • Hot Tap Models

    The VERIS Verabar® hot tap models include the V200 Compression Fitting and V150 Spring Lock - Threaded Components.

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  • Flanged Models

    The VERIS Verabar® flanged models include the V500 Single Support & V510 Double Support – Flanged Components and V550 Spring Lock – Flanged Connection with Packing Gland.

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Pitot Flow MeasurementUnique Valve Head

Verabar offers a new concept with built-in valves in the head of the instrument. This superior design simplifies installation and maintenance and lowers the connecting hardware cost by reducing the number of fittings.

Long-Term Accuracy

Verabar averaging pitot sensors maintain their accuracy over time without requiring periodic inspections due to their clog-free design.

Quality Assurance

The Verabar manufactures its own leak-proof design with a solid one-piece sensor. Other manufacturers use a three-piece sensor design that has no positive mechanical method of maintaining a seal between the tubes. Therefore, temperature, pressure, vibration and even manufacturing variations can cause leakage between the chambers. This can result in a significant undetectable loss in accuracy.

Pitot Flow Measurement

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

VERIS Verabar permanent pressure loss is only 3% of its DP flow measurement, which saves the customer costs associated with energy and provides accurate flow measurement. In addition, it has been proven to save over 50% in installation costs over orifice plates due to a smaller insertion hole in the pipe.

What is an Averaging Pitot Tube?

Averaging Pitot Tube flow meters are a type of self averaging flow meter using differential pressure to measure gas, liquid, and vapor flow in pipelines and ducts.

Industrial Applications of Averaging Pitot Tubes:

Averaging pitot flow meters measure gas, liquid, and vapor flow in pipelines and ducts.

Benefits of Averaging Pitot Tubes:

Verabar averaging pitot tubes deliver clog-free and precise Pitot flow measurements.

  • Simple
  • Long-term Pitot tube accuracy
  • Low operating costs

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