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Chlorine Measurement Instruments

Chlorination is one sterilization method in drinking water and industrial water, and chlorine measurement is important to secure water quality. Since Yokogawa started its chlorine analyzer business in 1958, our chlorine monitors have been contributing to safe drinking water around the world. We provide two type of water chlorine sensors, a non-reagent type chlorine analyzer for free available chlorine measurement, and a reagent type chlorine analyzer for free chlorine or residual chlorine (total chlorine) measurement. You can find the best solution thanks to the unique Yokogawa technologies, proven by experience.

Application For New Chlorine Level Sensors

Target application Application detail FC800D RC800D
Water purification plant Tap water/municipal water/drinking water/potable water
Raw water N/A N/A
Industrial water Same level of drinking water N/A
Acceptable application Application detail    
Food & Beverage Water measurement for beer/soft drinks/juice N/A
Disinfectant / Sanitizer N/A N/A
Wastewater treatment Discharge point N/A N/A
Treatment plant, coagulation N/A N/A
Process industries as Bleaching agent Chemicals, Pharma, Textiles, Pulp and  Paper N/A N/A
Desalination plant After RO membrane N/A
Drinking water N/A




What Is a Chlorine Analyzer

Chlorine sterilizes drinking and industrial water, so measuring chlorine content with a chlorine analyzer is central to ensuring water quality.

Industrial Applications of a Chlorine Analyzer

  • Water purification plant
  • Industrial water
  • Food and beverage
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Process industries bleaching agent
  • Desalination plant

Benefits of a Chlorine Analyzer

Yokogawa has a long history of innovative water management solutions, including chlorine measurement instrumentation. New, superior technology extends the life of online chlorine analyzers' value, offering full visualization, optimized maintenance, and simplified in-field calibration to increase process uptime and reduce configuration time.

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