How do I change settings?

Using the following settings tool, you can change the settings listed in the user's manual that came with the conditioner.

  • Handy Terminals JHT-100 and JHT-200
  • BRAIN terminal BT200 (requires cable, sold separately)
  • VJ77 Parameter Setting Tool

Example setting
I/O range: can be set through numerical input
Burnout: can be set by selecting UP, DOWN, or OFF.
Tag no.: can be set by entering half-width alphanumeric characters.


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    The D Series is DCS-supported signal conditioners, consisting of modular type signal converters with versatile I/O specifications and housing nest. JIS and EIA conformed mounting nests come with terminal blocks for field wiring, connectors for DCS connection, and connectors for communications.

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  • JUXTA F Series Signal Conditioners

    F Series signal conditioners are compact, space-saving (24 mm width) signal conditioners with front panel terminals. The microprocessor based models provide field configuration capability and minimum stock of spares. The installation is either DIN-Rail, Rack or Wall mounting, and the power supply is 24 V DC.

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  • JUXTA VJ Series Limit Alarms

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  • VJ77

    The VJ77 Parameter Setting Tool is a PC software package for setting various parameters of YS80 series rack instruments with the BRAIN communication function.

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