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We have 30 years of experience in this life science field and will respond to customer's problem solving with cutting-edge solutions.

To researchers

Challenges for Customers

  • Elucidation of life phenomenon by observing stem cells instead of human body

  • Elucidation of the cause of disease and development of therapy by observing cell models simulating disease states



Confocal scanner unit CSU series enable 3D observation of the cells in detail and dynamics of organelles inside cells. Since the CSU series is capable of high-speed shooting, it is also suitable for observing high-speed life phenomena. In addition, the CSU series is a multi-point confocal method which is extremely gentle to cells, best suitable for long-term live cell observation.


For pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic developers

Challenges for Customers

  • Evaluation of drug efficacy and toxicity by using cultured cells instead of expensive animal experiments

  • Evaluation experiments using cell clusters (spheroids, organoids), which have been extensively researched in recent years

  • Evaluation of effects of functional foods on cells

  • Efficacy evaluation of cosmetics by using 3D skin model

  • Confirmation of stem cell differentiation state and quality evaluation for regenerative medicine



CellVoyager and CQ1 that include CSU series enable various evaluation experiments using cultured cells automatically. CellVoyager and CQ 1 inherit the high-speed shooting function of the CSU series, and it is also suitable for evaluating high-speed phenomena. In addition, CellVoyager and CQ1 have an incubator (cell culture environment), which allows cell-friendly long-term live-cell observation culturing cells and time-series evaluation with cultured cells. Furthermore, by combining CellVoyager, CQ 1 with CellPathfinder which is image analysis software, it is possible to automatically extract feature amount from observed image. Especially by using machine learning function, image analysis can be performed with a simple and intuitive operation.


Position of life science products

Contributing to value chain of biology & pharmaceutical from basic research to pre-clinical research.

Position of life science products


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