Yokogawa Performance Blending Solution

Yokogawa’s comprehensive blending solution optimizes the blending process, significantly improving quality control, inventory control, and product processing costs.

Illustrated Oil and Gas

Blending is a refinery operation that blends individual component streams into various grades of gasoline to meet different quality specifications required in the final products. 
Since each component contributes uniquely to the individual quality requirements and bears a different cost of manufacture, it is imperative to properly allocate individual components into optimal disposition.

Refinery Blending

  • Tank Level Management is used to properly monitor and measure the level of inventory to be blended.
  • Refined product flow measurements are used to control the process and accurately measure the mass and density.
  • Tank level management is used to prevent dry runs or overfill, maintaining continuous supply. The flow measurement ensures correct additive injections and continuous flow for blending.
  • To eliminate the possibility of obstructions, obtaining a sample flow helps monitor the flow and ensure the analyzer can function correctly.
  • Custody transfer metering system ensures high-accuracy flow measurement of the final blended product. In addition, it provides advanced diagnostic before sending to storage.
  • Final blended level management monitors and measures the level of the inventory.

Blending Process Overview

Resolving Pain Points

oneTank level - Incorrect measurements can cause tanks to overflow, creating potential safety or environmental problems; or low levels can cause pump damage. Whether the application is for monitoring or control, the liquid level indicator must be accurate and reliable.

twoFlow Measurement – Eliminating high maintenance costs keep PDs/turbines accurate. Coriolis meters have no moving parts, thus providing low cost of ownership, accuracy, and meter stability.

3Additives - Managing inventory levels with blending requirements and trying to meet target blend recipes with inaccurate flow measurement can be challenging. Chemicals can be quite aggressive, very expensive, and even dangerous. Thus using a Coriolis meters offers high chemical resistance and precise flow measurement as additives are injected.

4Analyzer - Meet product specifications including octane, RVP, and sulfur levels at the lowest cost. Accurate flow measurements are increasingly critical to meet low sulfur specifications.

5Custody Transfer - Optimization of blends with increased accuracy and stability can result in significant savings and achieving target blend recipes. Flowmeters with NTEP approval comply with custody transfer requirements.

6Final Blend Storage – After beginning a new blend, on-spec product will be reached much more quickly with accurate measurement, reducing rework or giveaway.

Supporting Instruments

Differential Pressure Diaphragm Seal

  • differential pressureUnique compensation capillary method to help balance the volume and temperature of the fill fluids between high- and low-pressure side capillaries.
  • Eliminating re-zeroing and manual check requirements reduce maintenance OPEX costs.
  • Stable measurement leads to increased storage capacity, improved production management, and improved profitability.
  • Reducing the risk of tank overflows reduces risks in terms of process downtime, inventory management problems, environmental contamination incidents, and safety compliance.

ROTAMASS Supreme Coriolis Flowmeter

  • coriolisUnique “box-in-box” design and Smart Power Management provide superior reliability under harsh environmental and process conditions.
  • Tube Health Check function for meter verification without disturbing process measurements.
  • NTEP – Custody Transfer.
  • Changes in fluid composition and fluid properties do not affect accuracy.
  • No flow conditioning or straight runs required.
  • Multiple variables (Q, Density, T) available in one device.
  • Measures liquids, gases, or liquid-solid mixtures.
  • No moving part –  Low cost of ownership, meter stability.

Variable Area Rotameter

  • Low-cost indication only meter.
  • All Mechanical Design.
  • Field Replaceable Components.
  • Float Blockage Indication System.
  • Optional Electronic transmitter and signal outputs.
  • Adjustable Limit Switches, achieves SIL2 rating.
  • Ideal for measuring highly aggressive liquids in low and high temperature applications.


  • Oil & Gas Downstream

    The oil & gas downstream industry has been facing an increasing number of challenges in recent years. These include the changing characteristics of the feedstock to be processed, aging of process facilities and equipment, rising cost of energy, lack of skilled plant operators who can run a refinery safely and efficiently, and the ever-changing requirements from both the market and the customer.

    Over the years, Yokogawa has partnered with many downstream companies to provide industrial solutions focused on solving these challenges and problems. Yokogawa's VigilantPlant solutions have helped plant owners to achieve maximum profitability and sustainable safety within their plants.

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  • Refining

    In the ever-changing marketplace, refineries are seen not only as crude processing units but also as profit centers. At the same time, there is a keen awareness of the need for safety at such facilities. A total production solution that encompasses planning, scheduling, management, and control is required to achieve long-term goals for profitability, efficiency, and environmental protection. With years of expertise in the automation field, Yokogawa can bring you affordable total solutions for improved operability and a cleaner world.

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