Animal Feed Mill

Process of Mixture to Produce Animal Feed

Animal Feed ProcessPlant Name: Feed Mill
Industry: Food & Beverage
Customer’s Product: Animal Feed


The process consists of mixing meats, oils, and water to create a finished product, animal feed, using a PLC-based automation system.


To ensure the proper animal feed mixture, the customer was using a scale to weigh the vegetable oil and water that was being combined with the meat parts. The goal was to increase productivity by reducing the loading time.


The ROTAMASS TI Coriolis flowmeter is used to measure the mass of the incoming vegetable oil while an ADMAG TI-AXG magnetic flowmeter measures the incoming water volume. An additional ROTAMASS TI ensures the correct concentration of the vegetable oil/water mixture before the meat product is added.

ROTAMASS in Animal Feed Mill

Key Technologies


  • Best-in-class accuracy
  • Measurement in mass eliminates the need to weigh with a scale.
  • Total Insight technology provides concentration calculation and process diagnostics while enhancing maintenance and service.



  • Food & Beverage

    The food and beverage industry must produce safe, high-quality foods and beverages for consumers. In addition to quality control, the manufacturing processes include many challenges such as managing ingredients, improving efficiency and handling global environmental issues. Yokogawa leverages its decades of technological expertise to help customers build and operate the ideal factory.

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