Lavender Essential Oil

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Process of Essential Oil

Plant Name:                       Distillery
Industry:                             Food & Beverage
Customer’s product(s):   Essential oils distilled from lavender


Loading fresh lavender into steam stillTo produce essential lavender oil, the process requires distilling the lavender buds, capturing the steam, and then condensing the steam into a liquid. In this application, the customer was only looking for a flowmeter that could accurately measure the steam.


Before offering the Vortex meter, Yokogawa visited the distillery. The customer explained the complete process and it was determined that what was most important to the customer was the concentration of lavender oil in the final mix. If the mix fell below 2% concentration, it became meaningless to continue the “cooking” phase. If the customer could accurately measure the concentration, then the heat/steam could be adjusted to the correct levels. This would increase the efficiency of the process and save money.

Rough idea on process to distill lavender

Lavender Fields


ROTAMASS TI Prime 50Yokogawa proposed the ROTAMASS TI with standard concentration measurement (use when there is no interaction between the 2 mixed products). 1 g/l for density accuracy was selected because concentration is calculated with measured density and operating temperature. By optimizing the density accuracy, the ROTAMASS TI gave a more predictable concentration. Due to very low process pressure, the ROTAMASS TI was oversized to reduce the pressure loss as much as possible. In this application, at max flow rate, the pressure loss was 9 mbar. The customer was able to supply the density table of the lavender concentration, which the Yokogawa service engineer set into the ROTAMASS TI with the correct data. 

(For more experienced users, a standalone concentration tool is available on the ROTAMASS TI memory card to configure the concentration measurement without the need for Yokogawa support.)

Key Technologies

ROTAMASS TILavender Essential Oil and Rotamass TI Prime 50

  • Concentration measurement
  • Accurate measurement
  • The application can be duplicated at every lavender, flower, fruit… distillery


  • Food & Beverage

    The food and beverage industry must produce safe, high-quality foods and beverages for consumers. In addition to quality control, the manufacturing processes include many challenges such as managing ingredients, improving efficiency and handling global environmental issues. Yokogawa leverages its decades of technological expertise to help customers build and operate the ideal factory.

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