High Temperature / Cryogenic

Long-term reliability of the digitalYEWFLO series extends to the High Process Temperature and Cryogenic Vortex Flow Meter.

The High Process Temperature option measures process mediums at temperatures as high as 450 °C, ideal for high temperature superheated and saturated steam applications.

The Cryogenic option can measure process mediums at temperatures as low as -196 °C, ideal for low temperature applications such as liquid oxygen.

Our High Temperature / Cryogenic digitalYEWFLO vortex flow meters are available in a number of different sizes ranging from 1/2-inch to 16-inch. Available with wafer style or flanged style (ANSI Class 150 to ANSI Class 900), digitalYEWFLO has the size and style you need for your process.

Cryogenic DY Durability (1)
Durability through simple design and construction.


Spectral Signal Processing (SSP)

In the past, some process conditions required manual adjustment to compensate for piping vibration noise. But, Yokogawa's digitalYEWFLO Spectral Signal Processing (SSP) analyzes the detected frequency and allows only vortex frequencies to pass through the segmented band-pass-filter, thereby accurately identifying and eliminating noise. The SSP function only outputs the appropriate vortex frequencies, even under fluctuating flow rate conditions.

SSP analyses the fluid conditions inside the vortex flowmeter and uses the data to automatically select the optimum adjustment for the application, providing features never seen before in a vortex flowmeter.

In addition, SSP accurately senses vortices in the low flow range, providing outstanding flow stability.


Industry Standard Communication Protocols

Yokogawa digitalYEWFLO has the standard communication protocols used. Featuring BRAIN protocol, HART 5 protocol, HART 7 protocol, or FOUNDATION Fieldbus, the digitalYEWFLO can integrate quickly into your existing system.




Advanced Self-diagnostics

The digitalYEWFLO series vortex flow meter provides diagnostic messages on high vibration environments, excessive flow fluctuations, and clogging or plugging in the area around the shedder bar. Analysis of the process allows true condition-based maintenance.

Remote Electronics Housing

Remote electronics allows you to locate the indicator away from the process measurement point and to a more convenient visible area.

The picture to the left shows a Stainless Steel housing. The SS housing is an available option on all Yokogawa digitalYEWFLO Vortex Flow Meters.

Remote cable length up to 30m.

User-Friendly LCD Indicator

Simple parameter settings: frequently-used selections grouped together in a quick-access format decrease commissioning time.
Clear, concise indicator: convenient display of the simultaneous and total flow rates together with the process diagnosis.


Alarm output

An alarm signal notifies the operator of any issues, preventing inaccurate measurements.

Water and Steam Injection

Water and steam injection is a common method of oil recovery. The high temperature vortex flow meter is the ideal solution for this application due to its remote electrical housing, robust construction, and ability to withstand a wide temperature range. In addition, it provides inherent linear measurement, large turndown, and minimal pressure loss with a stable and reliable flow measurement.



Yokogawa's digitalYEWFLO Reduced Bore Type Vortex Flow meter features a cast stainless steel body and a concentric reducer and expander that enable stable flow rate measurements in low-flow conditions. This expands the range of measurements that can be performed, from the higher flow rates down to the lower end of the flow span, which is normally difficult for Vortex Flow meters, and ensures stable and accurate flow rate output.


It is estimated that almost two thirds of oil discovered in the United States lies unrecovered trapped in porous formations. There are approximately 500,000 abandoned wells containing such oil. Because of this fact oil companies are constantly pursuing methods for the recovery of this oil.


Vortex flow meters utilize a fluid phenomenon in which frequencies of Karman vortex streets released from a shedder bar inserted in a flow are proportional to flow velocities.

Yokogawa Technical Report

Progress in digital signal processing and network technologies has enabled advanced functions which cannot be achieved by traditional field devices with 4-20 mA signal, to be implemented on field devices. Standardization of international fieldbus specifications, notably the FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus, has enabled users to build optimum field networks comprised of freely chosen field devices from various device vendors.


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